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And What About Peter

Ball Of Confusion – Revisited

On The Cover Of The Rolling Stone

I’m Not That Flexible

What Is Love?

Speech Therapy


TV News Anchors

Just Don’t Get It, Eh?

“Supreme” Leader?

The Woman of My Dreams?

The Larger Picture

Conspiracy Theory?

This Is Your Cat on Drugs

One Of These Days …

But Then Again …

In Total Bereft Of A Heart

And In The End …

Silent Lucidity

All These Gods

A Celebrated Death?

Can’t You See?

I Want To Know What Love Is

Baker Street

The Year Of The Cat

Goodbye Blue Sky

Empty Spaces

Bow To Your Queen


Wish You Were Here

Warehouse 13 and The Mule

Dirty Diana

Blinded By Controversy?

Wasted Time

F*cked Up Thoughts

Black On The Right Side

Another Conspiracy Theory?

Take Off!

Thou Shalt Not Shat!

The Clunker Award

The Apollo 11 – Ayn Rand Connection

Urban Renewal?

Being Human

The Lives They Left Behind

The Seering

Is This How Numbers Got Their Shapes?

Your Sunday Loon

A Belated Veterans Day Acknowledgment

Another “Celebrated” Death

Maybe I’ll Get A Cat

It’s My Birthday!

Who’s Pimping Whom?

The Opportunity

… And In With The New

Who Are They Kidding?

Hate Over Haiti

The Honest Awards

Free At Last?


My Funny Valentine

The Last Resort of the Incompetent

The Battle between Anarchy and Tyranny

Killer Communications


A Theme Song For This Blog?

Can Science Answer Moral Questions?

Dancing in The Shadow of Doom?


A Day After Reminder…

Brain Freeze

Howling At The Moon!

Sorry For The Rain…

Bearman’s Charity Challenge 2010

A View From The Outside

Mad World

How Badly Do I Want It?

Apparently, Some Clarification Is Needed

Happy Memorial Day!

The Moon is a Harsh Mistress

Michael Jackson – A Year Later

Happy Independence Day

Jewish Law (via Grumpy old fart!!!)

The Great War Hero Death Benefits Scam

Hey Ayatollah, Leave Those Kids Alone!

Baby Fred Is Gettin’ Funky (via COLTMONDAY)

Cee-Lo’s “Fuck You” (via Erotixx photoblog)

The Happy Life

Speaking of “Fuck You”… (via COLTMONDAY)

The Loonies Are Off The Path

Evolution vs. Instinct

9/11 Declassified (via I Want Ice Water)

A Little Help From My Friends

I’m Only Sayin’

The Disappearing Railroad Blues

Dew Drop In…

Free Bird

Stimulating the Economy (via Sargastic Irrevalence)

Oh Drat! No Doomsday In 2112?

Slow Polka..No Joka (via Cryinforthedyin’s Blog)

Two Ways To Ball

Tuberculosis and My Sexual Awakening (via Vodkaandgroundbeef)

The Trouble With Sheep

Letdown Lamentations

Loneliness Is A Bitch

Black Friday


A Christmas Quicky

In Today’s Episode…

Who’s Really To Blame?

Rachel Maddow Sets The Record Straight

Sunday Inspirational

A Little Something For MLK Day

Sunday Inspiration

My Valentine

Best Served Cold?

None Of Us Are Free

Today’s Sermon – Put Up or Shut Up

The Dark Side Of The Dream

Mature Content My Ass

Animal Magnetism?

Twin Speak?

Cosmos To NASA – April Fools!

Space Duet

Runaway Train

A Tull Sermon Double Header

My Post Rapture Sermon

Bob Schieffer Tells It Like It Is

Anatomy of a Computer Virus

A Strategy For Failure?

Now Chew On This

The Cover Sometimes Makes The Book

The Great White Hope

Fourth of July Infographic

The Last Word On Political Gamesmanship

Where’s James Bond When We Need Him?

Nothing To Do And All Day To Do It

The Cure For What Ails Me?

Remy’s “Raise The Debt Ceiling” Rap

Time And Time Again!

Friday Night Lights

Louis CK: Being White (via Metousiosis)

Notes From A Friend

Odd Numbers and Strange Names

The Power Of Words

The Story Of My Life?

And Speaking Of Things Dying…

No Bounce, No Play

Please, Make It Stop!

Under Pressure

How Did We Get to 7 Billion People So Fast?

Occupy Wall Street vs Tea Party

Nothing Changes If Nothing Changes

Connect The Dots

Crony Shenanigans and Darwinian Economics

Thanksgiving Fun Stuff-ing

Ghosts of the Past, Present and Future

2011 – A ‘Mind-Boggling’ Year of Extreme Weather

Samoa – To The Future And Beyond!

The West Wing Bible Lesson . . . WOW!

Man of the Peepul?

Anonymous Declares War on the US Government!

An NCAA Four By Four!

Old And Stinky Wet Dreams?

Riding The Lightning

Anonymous – Monday Mail Mayhem

Is This What The Devil’s Touch Feels Like?

Perspective… Restored!

The Circles Of Conflict

Thank Goodness For Mission Control!

Rock of Ages

Rodney King – Dead At Age 47

Oh Damn I’m Feeling Old Today

The Transformation of Walter White

The State Of Independence

The Roundabout Rebound

Genius or Obsession?

Thoughtful Thursday

Spitting Into The Wind?

I’m Pickin Up Good Vibrations…

When Asteroids Attack!

Vaginas Protest Republican Convention!

Spinning Our Wheels On Spaceship Earth

53 Years of Nuclear Testing in 14 Minutes

A “Haven” In The Storm

A Quick Update

The Cost Of Fame…

Be Safe, My Friends…

Ghosts From Thanksgivings Past

“Black” Musings…

Happy Days Are Here Again, Sort Of…

Time and Nostagia

“Spacehead” Reflections

The Eve Of Destruction?

Teachable Moments?

Another Almost Sleepless Night…

I Know It When I See It…

Defending The Middle Class?

Wednesday’s Wonders…

Sunday Sermon – Messages From Heaven

Sequestration – Burning Down The House?

Bad Attitude Tuesday!

Let The Madness Begin!

Friends For Easter…

Release The Kraken!

Sunday Reflections

On This April 19th

Rachel Maddow’s Best New Thing!

The Season Finales of Bones and The Following

Tornadoes Are Cool…

But Earth Weather Is Comparatively Lame!

Curses, Foiled Again!

Welcome To The New Age!

30 Dr. Seuss Quotes That Can Change Your Life

Happy Mother’s Day!

Connect The Dots…

Domesticated Primates…

My Epic TGIF Rant!

The Replicator

Memorial Day 2013

Don’t Answer Me…

Tribute For James Gandolfini

A Schizophrenic In Love…

Love Spat Saturday – Good As Gold


“The Way It Is Changes”

Theories, Theories, Everywhere…

Verily, Verily, I Say Unto Thee!

Looking For Something…

Sunday Reflections…

R.I.P. Lee Thompson Young

Sunday Thoughts…

6 Bags Of Salt Water…

Twerking for Peace and Justice

September 2nd…

I Know It When I See It

Inner Dialogue…

Hello Darkness My Old Friend…

Wednesday Wake-Up…

Hump Day Brain Farts…


Sunday Reflections…

Dear Santa…

Just Wake Me When It’s Over…

And Nothing More…

Who’s On First?

Alas, West Virginia

Dream Team!

28 Years Ago Today…

Sunday Reflections…

Wow, 5 Years On WordPress!

What Would A Patriot Do?

Agreeing To Disagree?

Wouldn’t It Be Nice?

Marooned On Planet Earth?

Memorial Day 2014

George Carlin on Euphemisms

Sunday Disservice…

The Return Of Lawrence O’Donnell

Oh The Humanity!

I’ve Got A Hammer In My Hand…

Tough Choice…

Reflections On A Lasting Peace…

On Chasing The Squirrels Of Language…

Be The Miracle…

Big Picture Reflections…

Assessing Threats…

On Domestic Violence…

Don’t You (Forget About Me)…

The Road Best Traveled In Life…

Veterans Day 101…

Alas, Ferguson…

My Adventure In Hostage Land!

Eat Your Dirty Laundry!

Did My Heroes Take A Little Dramatic License?

Dancing Towards The Funeral Pyre…

So You Think Vaccines Are Bad…

‘Star Trek’ Star Leonard Nimoy Dead At 83!

And So Far Still To Go…

Don’t Bring Me Down…

Dear Future Generations…

On Fulfilling The Promise…

To Be, Or Not To Be…

Lookin’ Out My Back Door…

“De Nile Is Not Just a River in Egypt”

Reflections Between The Lines…

The Evidence Against Me


10 Things About Patriotism

On Taking A Knee…

Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around!

To Laugh or To Cry. That’s The Question!

Latent Images

Back In The Saddle Again?

What’s My Motivation?

Damned If We Do…

Howling At The Moon…

‘Corn-Fed’ White Boys

Dancing In The Dark

The Truth’s Too Hard To Mention