Fourth of July Infographic

Happy Independence Day everyone! Check out this cool infographic from Happy America Day! [infographic]:

I want ice water.

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8 thoughts on “Fourth of July Infographic

  1. In 1776 England shared a parliament with Scotland, Wales and some parts of Ireland; so the independence was from BRITAIN not just England…

    Hope you had a good one?


  2. Like the graphic. Hope your 4th was festive and reflective (it can be both). I’m not so into picnics in the summer in this part of the woods–too damned hot and humid.

    And yes, I agree. More people should read the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. Maybe then some of them (Palin et al) might actually get their facts straight. When I was a kid I had parchment reproductions of both documents. I have no idea what happened to them, but I really wish that I still had them.


  3. My 4th was okay I guess. I hope your was too. I’ve seen accessing important information become easier and easier In my lifetime, and yet the trivial end of the information spectrum is what seems to get the most attention. There’s no excuse for people like Palin to be as ignorant of the facts as they are, but they get away with it because they know that their audience pays even less attention then they do.

    Having never had what you might call a permanent home, I’ve lost too many prized possessions over the years to even calculate, but the sense of loss always stays with me. So I can fully appreciate your feelings about the reproductions.


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