Bob Dylan - Like a Rolling Stone

Awesome New Interactive Bob Dylan Video!

I have a really special treat for you today, by way of the Open Culture blog. With a little experimentation, and a lot of just plain luck, I’ve managed to figure out how to embed this unique video here for you to enjoy. Note that it randomly selects one of the 16 channels when you start it, but the design is so cool that you can jump from channel to channel without missing a beat! 😀

Image 1

WTF Did That Guy Eat?

If you ever needed a reminder of why you should not eat food off of the floor, this “RidicuList” segment from last night’s Anderson Cooper 360 should be the absolute final word on that! 😯


This Isn’t What The Governmeant…

With the news once again being filled with crap about the debt ceiling and Obamacare, and I was so tempted to go off on a rant. But then it occurred to me that there’s nothing I could say that hasn’t already been said so many times before. So I thought I’d do something a little bit different instead…

I'm Kicking My Ass!

Look Martha, The Dingbats Are Doing A Jim Carrey!

Break out the Kettle Corn friends, because the following clip from last night’s Rachel Maddow Show is like a weird Right Wing Dingbat parody of Jim Carrey’s I’m Kicking My Ass! bit from the movie Liar Liar. And if that isn’t schizophrenic enough for ya, the “party of small government,” that nevertheless insists on government-mandated ultrasounds for women contemplating abortion, is now telling us we don’t need health insurance…