My Life

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If You Really Must Know

Opening Rant

Environmental Impact

“Fortunately, I keep ‘em numbered…”

More Environmental Impact

My Terrible Ordeal

Love, Loss, Anger, and Faith

My International Incident

Addiction and The True Calling

Pride, Respect and Pain

Singing The Blues

At Seventeen

Oh I Dreamed Last Night…

Song and Dance

Speaking Of Dreams…

Reruns and Memories

My Dysfunctional Personality

The Last Man Standing

My Pink Floyd Live Experience

Funeral For A friend

Psycho Saturday


The Health Care Quagmire

Road Rash

Where Were You?

Melancholy Man

Nightmares and Murder

Twisted Memories

Living With The Big “D”

Ghosts In The Mirror – A Message Of Thanksgiving

The Spirit of Christmas

My 2009 Recap

The Cost of Love

The Porcelain Doll

Assertiveness… What’s That?

Fear of Reading?!?!?

Sports, Competition, and The Winter Olympics

Revenge of the Curly Locks

Those “Other” Memories…

Tornado Dreams

Grin and Bear It

The Trigger

The Lifeline

Give A Little Bit

Goodbye Mister Monk

Ghosts From The Past

Disaster in Teresópolis, Brazil

A Little “Yours Truly” Trivia

“Show Me A Hero And I Will Write You A Tragedy”

The Hermit Is Back… Wow?

Mayhem Strikes Again – Recalculating!

The Clash Of Titanic Phobias

Isn’t Life Strange?

Finding My Way Back

The Old Ball And Chain

A Dropped Ball WILL Bounce Back Up

A Coaster Ride To The Dark Side!

Mixed Blessings Indeed!

Cosmic Synchronicity?

Noise Pollution

It Ain’t Easy Being This Good

Between The Wolf And The Moon

42, 39, 17, 10, and 4

Bad News From Home…

Depression… Defined!

I Need Stress Relief – Now!

Nothing Ever Goes As Planned…

Romancing The Phone…

Is My PC Killing Me?

A WTF Monday!

That Small Measure Of Relief…

I’ve Got Worries, Worries On My Mind!

WTF Just Happened?

Radical Honesty – The Heart Of The Storm…

Happy Birthday Dad…

Turn Me Loose

You Should Never Argue With A Crazy Mi-Mi-Mi-Mi-Mind!

The Trap Of Mental Illness…

Updating The Madness…