Mayhem Strikes Again – Recalculating!

Remember those random PC freeze-ups I’ve whined about so often? Remember how I said I’d taken to doing all my posts in an external text editor so I can press Ctrl+S to save my work as often as my panic-driven paranoia demands?

Well imagine my shock and dismay when this damned thing froze up on me this morning, after working for hours in that editor on a very difficult post, only to find, after restarting, that the contents of the file containing my hard work had been replaced by 9 1/2 lines of spaces!

Obviously, the time has come to reconsider my blogging strategy – again. For the moment though, with almost no resources to call upon to “buy” my way into better circumstances, I’m having a real hard time seeing past images like this:

Oh yeah. It worked just fine for this. Perhaps the “gods” didn’t like my other post? πŸ™„

I want ice water… Lots and lots of ice water! 😑

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53 thoughts on “Mayhem Strikes Again – Recalculating!

  1. You have my sympathies, Izaak. I have had stuff disappear from WordPress on several occasions, so I too use a text editor. So far, that hasn’t let me down. Yet.

    WordPress seems to be in constant flux. While I am all in favor of progress and improvement it is a little disconcerting to have the process be constant and unannounced (until after the fact). The main problems I am having lately is with insertion of images in posts. Sometimes part of the test shifts over and joins the caption on the image – I have no clue why.


        • Hey, my first PC was an Atari 400 and it never froze up on me once! Of course, typing on a membrane keyboard and saving my work to cassette was a bit tedious… But the games were total rock stars! πŸ™„


            • Blahahahaha! The first one of those I used was a big 10 incher for an ancient Intel development system. (My old job built state-of-the-art process control systems, but they used the cheapest crap they could get to do it with!) Smiley


          • Atari!!!!!…. Hey I played Tennis ping-pong style on an Atari… and those games that loaded with the sound on the tapes.. hehe… now that takes me back… My Son just loved his Atari.. πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰


            • Defender, Missile Command, Ms. Pac-man, Q-bert… the list goes on and on! The weird thing is that my wife went along with buying the thing because I was sneaking away to spend hours on end in the arcade, and I argued that we’d save money, I’d spend more time at home, and learn programming to boot. She ended up playing the thing almost as much as I did, and consistently beating my pants off in Ms. Pac-Man! πŸ˜€


  2. You’ve got my sympathy. By the time I replaced my last laptop, it was so bad it had nearly been thrown against the wall a dozen times. As for saving my posts, WP seems to do that every two minutes. It gets very annoying when my input doesn’t show up on the screen as fast as I type it (because everything pauses while WP saves). Conversely, I’ve lost entire posts in the past because WP wasn’t saving them. I guess there’s no perfect solution. 😦


    • WP’s auto save is both too slow and inconvenient, which is why I opted for using a text editor in the first place. The weirdest thing about this particular incident is that I thought such a disk error could happen only if the freeze-up occurred during the write process. Of course, with my looking at the keyboard instead a of the screen while I type… 😯


    • I’m not getting that problem with my WP save, it being slow and pausing. NOW I’m thinking it’s not really saving.

      And Mak you know I’ve got sympathy here for you considering the BS computers put me through. I’m beginning to think a pen and paper would do me more good but then again it would take forever to mail that out to everyone. πŸ˜‰


      • I guess what I really meant to say is that the wait from clicking Save Draft to being able to resume editing takes too long. I’m sure that the save itself is secure if if my system crashes right after I click, but I just don’t KNOW that it is until the whole process is done. As for the inconvenience, I was referring to WP’s autosave, which deactivates the Save Draft button and always seems to occur just as I’m about to save it myself!

        As for going back to pen and paper, good lord woman. My Inbox has over 41,000 unread emails in it – that much paper would completely fill my apartment! 😯


  3. Most of my posts on MadHatters are very short pieces of text just thrown up. If I want to write a longer, more crafted piece, however, I write it using Google Docs. This has several advantages for me –

    Because I post a lot of material to MH while at work, using Google Docs to prepare posts makes it less obvious to anyone walking by my desk that I am moonlighting – the tell-tale WordPress editing screen being visible only briefly as I do a quick copy and paste from Google Docs πŸ˜†

    By using Google Docs I can start a post on my work laptop and finish it using my macbook at home

    Google docs saves my post automatically so I don’t have to worry about losing any of it

    By using Google docs to prepare my longer posts, I don’t have to worry about losing my WIP post because my laptop has fallen over. Since my doc is stored ‘in the cloud’ it is still accessible provided I can logon to google using another machine


  4. Hi IzaakMak… sorry to hear about your lost work.. nothing more irritating than finding it didnt save to put it mildly.. I use Windows Live Writer.. .. which I have found is very good as it has an array of all fonts too.. you can link with youtube to upload videos, but the only drawback there is they have to be in your favourites..But you can copy and paste graphics straight on there and crop photos and add your own watermarks.. but your type set has to be altered on the Windows Live it wont paste in prefered font straight over…
    Hope you have Better day than the Ad lol… πŸ™‚


    • Wouldn’t you know this thing would freeze up right when I tried to answer your comments? I’ve played with Windows Live Writer just a little, but not enough to know what I’m doing with it. It’s the same with most Microsoft products – their interfaces just aren’t intuitive enough for me to learn quickly. But I know of at least one other blogger that uses Windows Live Writer, and he produces some really nice posts with it!

      Have a good one Sue. I love those ads! πŸ˜€


      • I’ve tried to use WLW and quite honestly it was too much for me. But like anything else if I gave it more time and attention would probably turn out to be a good tool for me.


        • Oh, the things I’d give “more time and attention” to if I wasn’t so worried about this thing crashing right in the middle of what I was doing! My friend uses WLW to get image spreads to look so nice on his blog, which is something I’ve never gotten the hang of! 😐


  5. Completely sympathize on the big Freeze. Made the mistake of opening Photoshop to do some photo editing while I had some other things open. Everything started going slower than tarnation (pretty darned slow), and then nothing. I could even get restart to work. Had to resort to the power button/10-second delay option. I have no suggestions for you, just sympathy and empathy. Hope that’s enough.


    • Thanks, I’ll take all the sympathy I can get! I’ve done everything I can think of to minimize the stress on the little beast, but the freezes don’t have any relation to what I’m doing that I can see. πŸ˜•


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