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Julian Beever Sidewalk Art

Starry, Starry Night

Thinking About You Today

Some Truly FINE Works Of Art

Finnegan The Squirrel

Saint Nick and the Space Nicks

Vision Test

Terrifyingly Cool!

The Black Hole

Meet Giant George

Things To Stare At

The Simple Life


West Virginia

Transformation and Rebirth

Moon Child

My Father’s Garden

The Global Village

More Stuff to Stare At

Recycling You Can Live With!

Friday Night Spoiler

Cold Pilgrimage

To the Fathers (via Metousiosis)

The Candle Illusion (via Metousiosis)

tea candles galore (via Gruffguano’s Weblog)

Spicy Reblogs (via Erotixx photoblog)

The Perseids Are Coming!

Strange and Beautiful Roads

Sultry Saturday

Silly monday (via Erotixx photoblog)

Turning disappointment into joy: SURFice dog Ricochet

Flash Magic For Dummies Like Me

Tokyo in Time Lapse (via Metousiosis)

Recent Asteroid Discoveries Prove Need For Robust Space Program

More Things To Stare At

Words (via Metousiosis)

The Albuquerque Ballon Fiesta (via Metousiosis)

Aurora Borealis Timelapse

Thanksgiving Follies

Nature By Numbers

Time-lapse Photography of the Milky Way (via Goldpaint Photography)

Happy 2011!

The Most Amazing Magic Trick

Large, Dangerous Rocket Ships!

A Tuesday With Metousiosis

Yosemite’s Amazing Frazil Ice

Phantom Flexing in a Vegas Hotel Room

Discovery’s Final Launch

The Hubble Ultra Deep Field In 3D

Sultry Saturday

The Aurora (via Metousiosis)

More Of Those Amazing Hubble Images

Evolution Made Us All (via Metousiosis)

A Rant For The Ages?

The Things That Really Matter

Shocking New Japan Tsunami Video

The Worst Flood Ever?


The Flight Fantastic

Something Else To Stare At

Let’s See What This Sounds Like


Rapture For The Rest Of Us

Now Stare At This

Sort Of Sexy Saturday

Remember – The Big Picture

Remember – What We Have

Remember – The Good Times

Video-ography: “Day in the Life of Bob” (via Striking Thoughts) (via Erotixx photoblog)

Yellow “Hot Wheels” Driver Sets New World Record

Bionic (via Erotixx photoblog)

Ways the World Will End

Sunday Spectacular

This Side Up

A Gentleman’s Duel

Children of Africa (The Story of Us)

End of an Era: The Final Shuttle Launch (via Metousiosis)

How People Really Spend Their Time On The Net

A Shuttle Program Wrap-Up

Sunday Inspiration

WTF? A Visualization of US Debt

Cool SharkBreak Widgets

Infographic: Left vs Right

The Almost NSFW Saturday

Keep It Simple Saturday (via The She Chronicles)

Monday Mouse Maneuvers


Atlantis – A Final Tribute


Copia A

Friends Of MORTYS

Meet the Medic

Danger Planet

Intercontinental Ballistic Microfinance

Around the World In 60 Seconds

More Remixes For The Soul

Well Look At It This Way

Micaël Reynaud’s Might Morphing Animated GIFs

Amateur Rockets, Oh Yeah!

Monday Night Lights!

Onward To The Edge!

Sunday Reflections

Awesome HD Timelapse From The ISS

Hdr Skies

More Timelapse Awesomeness From The ISS

Giving Thanks… For The Pale Blue Dot

All Things Big and Small

Curiosity Rover On Its Way To Mars!

At Last – Proximity!

Holy Crap!

Dreaming Of Brighter Vistas

The Season Of Fantasy

White Wine in the Sun

My Look Back At 2011

Hey, It’s 2012!

Sunday Spectacular

…delicated to IzaakMak…

Ride Of Passage

Three For Thursday

Some Joyful Noise

The Darkness Is Coming – Again!

Your Sunday Awesome

Breaking News – Nina Wants Ice Water!

Earth Day 2012!

Cool Overdose!

The Universe – Total Eclipse

Wild Wednesday

A “Two Cool” Thursday

Your Friday Cool!

Venus Transit 2012 – An Ultra HD View

Terra Sacra Time Lapses

Geeky Friday

3 Years of Amazing Auroras

Our Place In The Universe

Cosmos – Heaven and Hell

The Grand Finale!

The Audacity To Dream!


Your Sunday Awesome!


Your Thursday Dose Of Cool!

A Little Help From My Friends…

Bad Religion

Time Lapse Sunday – Part 1

Time Lapse Sunday – Part 2

My Curiosity Is Peaked!

More Curiosity Awesomeness

Close To The Edge

Sunday Inspiration – EXISTENCE

Isaac at Night from Space!

Once In A Blue Moon?

Stargazing In Yosemite

Purely Pacific Northwest

Some Smashing Good Sunday Fun

The Lion City

Amazingly Realistic Halloween Pumpkins

Unbelievable Wood Carvings!


Where the Hell is Matt?

Flying Over America…

Odd Reflections

Arrow – Oh My Goodness!

Cloud Atlas – Extended First Look [HD]

Weird “Travel” Dreams…

Felix Baumgartner Completes Record-Setting Space Jump!

A Free-Fall Follow-Up

Bill Hicks and George Carlin – The Big Electron

Beating The Blahs With Oohs and Aahs…


World’s Largest Miniature Airport

Ridin’ The Storm Out

Our Story In 1 Or 2 Minutes

Two From Metousiosis

Mister Rogers Remixed

How Time Travel Works?!?!

The Monk & The Monkey

Amazing Huff-Post Science Visuals

More Micaël Reynaud Awesomeness

Gifs That Show How Things Work


Cambodian Trees


Charlie Chaplin – Let Us All Unite!

And Speaking Of God…

My Keep Cool Friday

Sang d’Encre

I Think I’m Starting To Feel It Now!

Temporal Distortion

Happy New Year 2013!

DakotaLapse – Take 2!

Sunday Reflections…

Old Airplane Turned Into A Kindergarten!

Nature Never Fails To Surprise!

Scotland Time-Lapse

Waltz Across Texas

How To Properly Stack Firewood!

Requiem 2019

A Breathtaking View

Humanity’s Epoch : ANTHROPOCENE

Tulips for Valentine’s Day?

Cold Lovin!

Amazing Curiosity Rover Interactive Panorama!

In Search of Darkness?

Some People You Know…

And Speaking Of Relative…

OMG, It’s Iron Man 3!

Saturday Regurgitations

On Planet Earth

Incredible Pictures of the Day from TwistedSifter

Wow, Great Music and Comets Too!

What A Ride!

That Vision Thing…

Thanks For Turning My Frowns Upside Down!

Dreams To Remember…

Monday Madness

Wednesday Wonders

More Cool Pictures Of The Day


A Feast To Behold!

Virtual Reality Auroras – Oh My!

Your Thursday WTF?!?!

The Skies Above…

Going Hanniballistic…

Your Sunday Wow!

Earth Day 2013

The Last Year From Orbit

Steve and Jeri’s Treehouse…

Friday Foolishness

Saturday Madness From Thumbpress

Good Wood For Sunday!

Drooling Over SpaceShipTwo!

Tuesday Aftermath…

Twisted Vistas

A Little Time-Lapse Beauty


Save Wolf Lake

Sink or Swim? EnviroSiren’s Playful SOS

Skylab – 40 Years Later

Raging Nature – Landslide!

The Amazing Story Behind The Brazil Nut

Europa Report!

Tokyo City Symphony

And Speaking Of Cool…

Awesome Movie Trailers – “EPIC”

Awesome Movie Trailers – “Rapture-Palooza”

Awesome Movie Trailers – “The Purge”

Awesome Movie Trailers – “MAN OF STEEL”

My Hump Day Eruption!

Tornadoes – The Power To Destroy Everything

An Interactive Alien Civilizations Calculator

Sunday With The Guys

Return From Darkness

Twisted Counterparts

Twisted Cuteness

Epic Wednesday – Supercell

Epic Wednesday – Without Warning

Epic Wednesday – Wicked Romance

Epic Wednesday – Ruh Roh Wonders

Sunday Reflections – For My Soul

Tiger & Turtle – Magic Mountain

More Food For My Soul…

Twisted Three-Ways – Part 1

Twisted Three-Ways – Part 2

In Orbit…

Yeah, That’s The Ticket!

Gazing Up In Wonder…

Remembering The King Of Pop…

Your Wednesday Twist

Heroic Fantasies…

Pomegranate Crush?

Ooh What A Mixture…

A Little “Hump Day” Animation

A Knack For Twisted Thrills!

Cosmos – A Spacetime Odyssey!

What If Our Cities Went Dark?

Capturing The Night Sky From A City

Windy Wednesday – Twisted Ballet

Windy Wednesday – Deadly Dust!



Twitter Treats!

Hump Day – Cute and Silly

Amazing Paintings From Foods And Drinks

Unbelievable 3D Drawings

Maps That Help Make Sense Of The World

“Skull-ptures” Made from Melted Cassette Tapes

Dancers Among Us

Happy Days Are Here Again…

Now Stare At This Too!

Sunday Visions…

Unfinished Childhood

Brian Cox On Genetic Mutation

The Beauty Of…


Vintage Advertisement Of Modern Technology

The Elvie Style?

The Art Of Animation

Bees & Bombs

Monsters of the Cosmos

Awesome People Hanging Out Together

88 Floors – No Elevators

Feed a Cold, Starve a Fever?

Saturday With A Twist, Part 1

Saturday With A Twist, Part 2

Saturday With A Twist, Part 3

The Swing at the End of the World?

Hold Your Head Up…

Raising The Costa Concordia!

More Marvel Madness!

Long Live The King! – Part 1

Long Live The King! – Part 2

Amazing Bridges Around The World!

Gravity – A Falling Montage

The Last Thing You See – A Final Shot Montage

3D Visualizations of Scientific Theories

The Monster of Mental Illness – Illustrated!

NCIS – Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

Ender’s Game

Pancakes and Friends…

All Bad Things Must Come To An End…

The Juggler

Glass Gem Corn and Opal Porn…


A World Without Sin…

More Iconic Firefly and Serenity Moments

He Is The Kwisatz Haderach!

Arthur Braginsky – Fine Artist

Raincoaster Wonders

Hot Shots!

Cellular Sculptures and Flying Cars!

Late Morning Wood and Worldwide Woofs!

RoboCop Bliss!

A Twisted 2Fer Tuesday – Part 1

A Twisted 2Fer Tuesday – Part 2

More Ender’s Game Awesomeness!

Happy Halloween!

MUSIC – ROCK/POP: Procol Harum / “A Whiter Shade of Pale” / Live in Denmark 2006 / WOW! MUST WATCH!

Hump Day Cineraria Animations

Twisted Pictures Of The Day

Your Favorite Films In 40 Seconds

MIT Shapeshifting Display

The Fisher King

Moon Child

Comet ISON Approaching The Sweet Spot!

My Pretty Universe

Awesome New Interactive Bob Dylan Video!

3 Girls And Their Princess Machine

Going In Circles…

A Spooky Kind Of Cool!

Photos To Make Your Stomach Drop!

A Riveting Time-Lapse Spectacle!

Cool Breaking Bad Caricature Art

Cloudy, With A Chance Of Awesome – Part 1

Cloudy, With A Chance Of Awesome – Part 2

For The Love Of Music

Sexy Sunday

Melancholy Tuesday…

Hump Day Reflections

Cultivating Gratitude…

Christmas Presents For Everyone!

The Box…

Happy New Year 2014!

An Update on the ‘Cosmos’ Reboot!

Hump Day Reflections – The Mind of Ezaviar

Hump Day Reflections – ‘What I Be’

Midway – A Message from the Gyre

A Box of Money from a Block of Wood?

Friday Reflections…

Designed To Amaze – Part 1

Designed To Amaze – Part 2

Designed To Amaze – Part 3

EAK Reflections…

My Quazee Valentine

Post Valentine Reflections…

Your “Hump Day” Cuteness Overload!

An Epic Superman vs Batman FANtasy!

Friday Reflections…

Kenichi Ebina on America’s Got Talent

Hump Day Perspectives

Yosemite In Stunning HD Time Lapse

An Awesome One Woman Band!

Gifs That Show How Things Are Made

Robot Dreams…

Sunday Science

Sunday Beauty

The Beauty Of Nature

The Beauty of Science…

Thursday Flashbacks

Falcao Lucas Illustration

Optically Aroused!

Magic Tricks for Dogs?

Goddess Of Steel

Saturday Pictures…

This Lady’s Got Skillz!

Points Of Memory…

Earth Day 2014!

Mad World Reflections…

Salvation Mountain

If It Fits, I Sits!

Kindness and Beauty…

The Awesome Power of… Awe!

And Speaking of Awesome…

The World’s Deadliest Animal?

Bizarre Laws Visualized!

Cat Saves Young Boy From Dog Attack

A Summer To Drool Over!

Sunday Reflections – Conscience

Hump Day – Hanging By A Thread…

Calling Rube Goldberg!

The Kelpies!

Stop and Think…

Take In Some Sights…

The Murrine Art of Loren Stump

All By Himself…


Father’s Day Reflections…

Summer Solstice Sixty-Nine…

A Colossal Monday For Art!

Some Monday Afternoon Beauty…

More Eye-Popping Monday Art!

A Little Tuesday Wisdom…

Incredible Watermelon Carvings!

Human Templates?

Cell Phone Revenge and Michael Jackson On Beer Bottles!

Twisted Waters…

More ‘Spacehead’ Reflections…

John Oliver On Making Fun Of Serious News

Your Saturday Cure…

And On A Lighter Note…

Reflections On Fallen Leaves…

500 Years of Female Portraits in Under 3 Minutes!

How The Sun Sees You?

Unbelievable Places That Really Exist!

Your Tuesday Eye Candy!

Holy Smorgasbord Batman!

Robin Williams as the American Flag…

Bug Eye Close-Ups & Crazy Rock Walls…

Friday Visuals From Universe Today…

Summer’s Last Gasps…

Russian Tornado Caught On Dashcam!


Michael Winslow Does Zeppelin’s “Whole Lotta Love”

The Power Of Optics!

A Bowling Ball Pendulum Wave…

StarryNights Time-Lapse…

Gravitational Beauty…

Another Awesome Time-Lapse From Orbit!

On Scarves, Squirrels, and the Fate of the Universe…

Understanding The Introverted…

Everyone Is Lonely!

Flight Related…

Awesome Movie Trailers – Interstellar!

Awesome Movie Trailers – Jupiter Ascending!

Awesome Movie Trailers – Marvel’s Avengers Age of Ultron!

Halloween – Every Day Is Scary…

Adorable Extremophiles…

On Mercury’s Double Sunrises…

As The ‘Spacehead’ Drools…

A Tale of Momentum & Inertia…

StoryCorps – The Nature of War…

Child of the Cosmos Revisited…

Heaven and Hell…

Why Do We Have More Boys Than Girls?


Some Things To Smile About…

Awesome Movie Trailers – Terminator Genisys!

Cinema Space Tribute…

The Most Awesome Christmas Card EVER!

Excerpts From A Post Christmas Log Jam!

Alexander Gerst’s Breathtaking Earth Timelapses

Stephen Hawking is the Ultimate Badass of the Science World!

Hail And Farewell To Those We Lost In 2014…

With Stars In My Eyes…

Happy New Year 2015!

Shoot For The Moon…

Take A Trip And Never Leave The Farm!

Wonders In The Sky…

Wonders of The Universe…

Hump Day – And A Boatload Of Inspiration…

Geeky Friday – Centipede Surprise!

The Arrow and Hawkeye have nothing on this guy!

Preparing For The Storm…

And Harsh Realities…

Inspiration From The Sheep…

Far Out Man – Electronic Mushrooms And Acoustic Synthesizers!

The Fight For Space…

Oh The Wheel In The Sky Keeps On Turnin’…

Love, Donuts, And Other Sweet Things…

From Frozen Sand…

And Speaking Of Depression…


Honey On Tap?

An Astronaut’s View Of Earth…


As Cold As Ice!

A Garden Still To Attend…

Sermons From Brother Neil…

NYT’s Touching Homage to Leonard Nimoy…

More From Clara Darko!

And Speaking of Magic…

Marvel’s Deliciously Menacing New Voice!


Amazing Grace!

Aurora Borealis in Real Time…

Titus the Terrific!

Cuteness Overload!

Shell Games…

Trail’s End…

Until That Timer Ends…

Stephen Hawking Sings Monty Python!

StarStruck – America’s Great Spaces!

A Rare Encounter Indeed!

The Only Home We’ve Ever Known…

10 Facts About Our Planet Earth…

Like, Wow Man…

Screw The Fridge…

Merry Christmas 2017!