Merry Christmas 2017!

Merry Christmas!!!


The Truth’s Too Hard To Mention

First of all, yesterday was my birthday, so Happy Birthday to me! Thank you very much. I did actually mean to post this yesterday, but just couldn’t find the motivation. You know how it is… Anyway, back at the beginning of my journey through the Hell of mental illness, one of those ‘crisis’ counselor people…

‘Corn-Fed’ White Boys

Weird thoughts: Do ‘corn-fed’ cattle suffer from high blood glucose problems? Do dairy cows that are ‘corn-fed’ produce sweeter milk? Does that have anything to do with my having been warned off of milk as well, causing me to have to take Vitamin D supplements now? And finally, if milk produced by ‘corn-fed’ Iowa cows really is sweeter, than how does that effect the taste of Wisconsin cheese made from that milk? Yeah, I’m not supposed to eat cheese either, dammit!

Back In The Saddle Again?

Man, things are going well. Almost too well, I think (you know how I am). It should come as no surprise to you that all this “success” has left me just a little bit suspicious. You know, there just has to be something really scary lurking, somehow, just below my awareness…