10 Things About Patriotism

With so much in the news about President Trump’s supposed “outrage” over the “unpatriotic” actions of athletes during the playing of our national anthem, I thought that this new video from Mrs. Betty Bowers, America’s Best Christian might clarify things a little…

I want ice water.

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6 thoughts on “10 Things About Patriotism

  1. Oh, that woman is hot!

    There’s a lot of truth in what she is saying—and there is much more to the Confederate Battle Flag than she has time to detail. Here is a link to a post on my blog which gives more historical information about that flag, and what its actual purpose was:


    And she is absolutely right about President Trump’s ruse in complaining about NFL football players quietly protesting the National Anthem—or protesting America the way it is today. Those NFL players are not American military personnel—it is not their job to represent the United States, officially, before the whole world. They are private citizens, and as private citizens, they have the same right to freedom of speech that all other private U.S. citizens have.

    President Trump, however, does represent the United States, officially, before the whole world.

    And by constantly sending those mindless Tweets, about trivial matters, he is undermining the dignity of his office (i.e. he is disrespecting the office of President of the United States).

    President Trump needs to remember that he is not a reality TV star anymore—he is President of the United States. He can leave it up to reality TV stars to criticize private U.S. citizens’ methods of protesting—he needs to get to work, and fulfill the promises he has made to the millions of Americans who voted for him last year.

    First, he needs to remove the Dishonorable Nikki R. Haley from his cabinet—his nomination and maintenance of that diabolical politician in his cabinet is a betrayal of trust to millions of Southern American voters, as well as an internal threat to our nation (Nikki Haley is far more likely to trigger a nuclear war with North Korea than her boss is, since her rhetoric is so much more mindless, reckless, and outright stupid).

    Then President Trump needs to do what his supporters most elected him for—reign in the American corporations, and bring American jobs back to America.


    • Thanks for your comment my friend. Your post on flags was quite illuminating and I agree wholeheartedly with your statements about the NFL players and President Trump.


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