Take A Trip And Never Leave The Farm!

As much as I love the old Jim Stafford song from which I took the title for this post (and as many times as I’ve personally experienced what that song was all about), the fact is that the “trips” I’ve dreamed of taking most have always been of an altogether different kind. Here a just two examples…


As The ‘Spacehead’ Drools…

I don’t know about you, but after the recent setbacks on the commercial side of our space program, this is one ‘spacehead’ that could use a little good news from the space exploration front. Well my friends, there are a couple of upcoming major events, one by the folks at the European Space Agency (ESA) and another by NASA, that may provide just what dreamers like me need to boost our spirits! 😀

Open Dreams

Hold Your Head Up!

You know, I’ve lived inside this crazy head of mine for almost 58 years, and yet I’m still amazed at how easily distracted I can be. Yesterday, while looking forward to what I might blog about today, I’d decided it was high time I got around to doing that full spate of aviation related posts I’ve been collecting all those links and images for for such a long time. Man I tell ya, I’ve got so much stuff, everything from flying cars to fighter jets to spacecraft – so much, in fact, that I really don’t know how I’d have actually pulled it all together – and yet here I’ve managed to fritter the day away without so much as an attempt. But that doesn’t mean I’m gonna go down without doing anything at all. No way, Jose!

I can at least post these three really cool videos that express so well what it all means to me…