The Kelpies!

Having been near the top of my ‘travel wish list’ for a very long time, I don’t really need another reason to dream about visiting Scotland. But if I did need another reason, seeing the Kelpies up close might just be it! 🙂

Calling Rube Goldberg!

Whether it’s for all the cute reminders of older technology, or if you’re just fascinated with room filling Rube Goldberg machines (like me), I think you’ll get a kick out of the following video! 🙂

A Box of Money from a Block of Wood?

The mosaic below contains just a few images from the How to Turn a Block of Wood Into a Box of Money post on the Twisted Sifter blog… And since I’ve fallen so far behind on reblogging their great stuff, you can click on the images below for more incredible Twisted Sifter works of art…