Grin And Bear It Thursday

After another rough night, the painkillers have finally provided enough relief to allow me to whip out this quick “mood elevating” post including a couple of funny images and an amazing video of “the first ever aerial footage of a rockhopper penguin colony shot by a flying bird.” 😀

A Dark Nut Rising?

I’m a huge fan of those “Ice Age” movies, yet despite the brilliant animation and voice-overs for their main characters, my favorite has always been the one with few, if any, lines at all – Scrat – and his never ending quest for that damned acorn! So you know that, after seeing this outrageously funny…

Geeky Friday

My son posted this video on Facebook last night. What a blast from the past! And speaking of blasts from the past, I couldn’t even decide which version of this next classic to post – so I posted both! About the next video, Io9 magazine said, the “Night of the Living Trekkies book trailer is…

Oh Damn I’m Feeling Old Today

Oh man but I’m feeling old today! I guess “The Gawds” must be punishing me for the great time I had with the comment exchanges yesterday. You know, the ones I had to drop out of, finally, when I realized that my back was becoming painfully locked into that edge-of-my-seat-stooped-over-my-keyboard-squinting-at-my-monitor posture I’d been in for…

Then Meets Now

Another great funny video from Mark Fiore’s Animated Cartoon Site, freshly posted to his YouTube Channel: I want ice water. More from the WusAMatta U volume

Social Disease

If ever I needed confirmation that there’s a link between mental health and physical health, this past week has been more than proof enough. And I can’t deny that depression affects the way I see things anymore either, because this past week has driven that point home to the bone once and for all… Honestly,…

Sultry Saturday

I ran across one of these saucy seaside postcards on another blog. It was so funny that I decided to post the whole collection. These are definitely NSFW! I want ice water.