Sultry Saturday

I ran across one of these saucy seaside postcards on another blog. It was so funny that I decided to post the whole collection.

These are definitely NSFW!

I want ice water.

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16 thoughts on “Sultry Saturday

  1. Hahahaha! Thank you for that! My internet and cable has been down for quite sometime — I was more than frustrated! But that was great to open my email too! Gracias mi amigo!



  2. Ah, brought back memories of childhood holidays with my parents – dismal affairs, scant money around, 4 of us crammed into a caravan listening to the rain pounding on the roof, playing cards, then when the rain stopped, wandering round the seaside town reading all the postcards in the shops overlooking the beach. Oh we knew how to enjoy ourselves in those days !!!


    • Like I said to Rincewind, these cards do remind me of my childhood. But rather than the actual seaside experiences you describe, my experience with cards like these was as a way to peek inside the parts of life that the adults preferred to remain hidden from us children. I don’t remember ever seeing things like this openly displayed for everyone to enjoy. Which isn’t to say that we never had outings like those you described, it’s just that they were never at the seaside and they certainly didn’t involve saucy postcards! πŸ˜€


    • These are precisely the type I recall seeing as a child. But, now that you mention it, they did seem very out of place for the times in which I viewed them – which were extremely conservative to say the least! The so-called “sexual revolution” was still in it’s infancy at the time and in the place where I grew up, and anything hinting at sexual activities of any kind were carefully hidden away. Things like those cards and the brand new Playboy magazine (which were completely innocent by today’s standards) were hidden treasures that little boys like me only passed around with the strictest of secrecy!


    • Been sleep all day, sort of, when the bathroom wasn’t screaming my name. Hunger, or low blood sugar, finally got me up just now, but I don’t think I have the strength to do much of anything… Bleh!


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