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Johannes Kepler

Ayn Rand and “The Fountainhead”

Pinky and The Brain

Joan of Arcadia

Thomas Paine – Our Forgotten Father

When A Soldier Comes Home

Today’s Tom Sawyer

A Soldier’s Feelings About Michael Jackson

I Want To Be Like… HOUSE?

Michael Jackson

And That’s The Way It Was: Walter Cronkite 1916-2009

The Final Frontier

Saving Grace

9/11 Declassified

Carl Sagan

Me & Mr. Monk

Rocket Man!

Women Who Kick Ass!

The Blood Of Our Citizens

Ayn Rand

25 Years Later – The Challenge Must Go On

We Could Be Heroes

Japan Tsunami – Survival, Aftermath, Science

Remember – The Price We Pay

Peter Falk

Andy Rooney… He Will Be Missed

Christopher Hitchens

Civil Discourse Is Alive And Well

Adam Savage Is My Hero!

Honoring Our Soldiers

Roger Federer Reigns Again!

One Giant Loss – Neil Armstrong Dead At 82

A George Carlin “Minithon”

Sunday Reflections – For My Head

Sunday Inspiration From Alan Watts

The Math Of Khan!

2nd Star To The Right, And Straight On Til Morning!

Happy Birthday John…

Nelson Mandela – Never Forget…


Shirley Temple Black – R.I.P.

One Extraordinary Little Boy!

Robin Williams…

Bill Withers