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One Of Those Days…

Why Raincoats Are Yellow

A Cure For Snoring?

Too Cute

Forest Gump Goes To Heaven

Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road?

Guys, Better Check Your Undies!

The Vanilla Pudding Robbery

The Most Functional English Word

Another Victim of America’s Poor Diet

5 Nuns In Town

Ed Zachary Disease

Men vs. Women

More Men Vs. Women

Wedding Photo

Need a Paddle?

Something About A Woman In Leather

Memories of the Summer of 2008

Margaret and Bert

Nutrition and Health

8th Grade Final Exam

The World Divided

1919 Methodist Poster

Color IS Good!


A Healthy Level Of Insanity

The Spoon

Barbie At 50

More Fond Memories Of 2008

Menopause Jewelry

Products for the Deranged

Watch That Doggy Door!

Assembly Line Medicine

“Mission To Mars” – Inspiration For Humility

You Are Valuable!

Wal-Mart Cake

Doombah Bratty-Pants

The Flying Pigs Disease?

A Matter Of Perspective?

A Farmer In The Dell

You Are What You Eat!

No Dumping!

Nuts For Liberty!

Deer Season!

He’s Cured!

One Very Clever Cow

The Day Shift Sucks!

2% Milk

Nickel and Dimed

Cut Down In His Prime!

Get A Grip!

Four Great Religious Truths!

Two Wongs Don’t Make A White


High School Exit Exam…!!

Chip Monks

AIDS Warning

Safety Alert

Google This!

Aroma Therapy

Oh Crap!

The Cutest Little Ass…

A Well Planned Retirement

Who’s Your Buddie?


Old Girls Gone Wild!

The Health Care Letter

My Living Will

Is There Life After The Roadrunner?

Swimming with Polar Bears???

Florida Squirrels

Senior Bumper Stickers

New Wal-Mart Greeter

Pick-A-Peck Of Penis Peppers

Viagra Headquarters

In Wine There Is Wisdom

Viagra Headquarters

The Great Dogs To Heaven Debate

Judging Others

Flat Tire Emergency

The Wedding Test

Those Amazing Folks At Wal-Mart

Feeling Unappreciated?

And So It Begins…

European Newspapers Are More Fun

2 Fer 1 Special

To All My Friends…

Happy Fall

The First Politician?

He Came In Peace

Stopped For Speeding!

The Cleaning Poem

Happy Early Thanksgiving

Your Role Model

It’s On!!!!

Can You Read This?

Prayer At Work

Maxine’s Thanksgiving

The Parrot

Are You Kathlick?

Work-Around for Respiratory Mask Shortage

Tiger Woods’ Holiday Photo

Everyone Deserves A Break

Some Most Peculiar Creatures

Is Sex Work?

The Spoiled Under-30 Crowd!!!

Sleeping Around

Yelling Across The House

My Son, The “Vet”

A Bobbit Family Update

Eating Out with Maxine

The Light at the End of the Tunnel

Now We Know


Are You as Smart as a Pre-Schooler?

You’ve Found It: Your Happy Place!


Two Irishmen

The Conspiracy Against Old Folks

Do You Know Your Traffic Laws?

Cracklin Rosie on a Whole Lotta Mobile Phones

Murder At Walmart

When Is It Okay To Pee Your Pants?

Maxine’s Blessed Are The Cracked

Her New Deodorant

Tough Love vs Spanking

Catch and Release?

The Origins of Man

An SUV For His Birthday

My Blackberry Is Not Working!

Senior Discount My Ass!

The Trouble With Hierarchies

Chuckle For The Day

Sunday Funnies

The Italian Tomato Garden

Your Laugh For The Day

Maxine’s “Banister of Life”

Catholic Parrots

Two Dogs Dining

Behind The Horse’s Ass

A JibJab Halloween

Almost Halloween…

Fun With Your Cell Phone

Monday Morning Funnies

The Pastor’s Ass

Your Mother’s Day Chuckle!

Ever Wonder? – A History Lesson

Funny At Both Ends

“Mugging Fail” Craig’s List Ad

With Friends Like These…

Oh Hell, Let’s Offend Everybody!

The Pride Of Our Species?