StarStruck – America’s Great Spaces!

StarStruck – America’s Great Spaces!

After quitting a comfortable day job, photographer Shane Black spent two months on the road shooting time-lapses of some of America’s most beautiful spots. His “Adventure Is Calling” video is the mesmerizing result, made from about 10,000 of the photos he took.

How To Cook A Fucking Steak

How To Cook A Fucking Steak!

Call me weird, because I’ve been laughing my ass off ever since I first stumbled across this. And while you’re at it, I guess you can call me a criminal too, because I’m reblogging this shit exactly as I found it. Of course, if you agree with my assessment of the writing and you’d like to keep me out of whatever kind of hell they throw people like me in for stealing shit like this – not to mention preventing the $5 in my bank account from being seized in some lame-assed lawsuit – you’ll use the links I’m providing to give the guy who actually fucking wrote it his due…

Those Weird Atheists

Originally posted on The "Great" One's Blog:
An excellent article on atheism in general and the mindset of the American public. TGO By: S. A. Joyce Although there have been non-believers and skeptics as long as there has been religion, atheists have recently received an inordinate amount of unfavorable publicity. Modern anti-atheist sentiment had…