The Bright Side Of The Storm

The Bright Side Of The Storm…

While it remains to be seen if the big New England storm will live up to the ominous ‘historic’ predictions given it by some, it did provide one Providence, Rhode Island school administrator his ‘epic’ day in the sun…



Despite their wonderful and enticing promos, I admit that I’ve never actually watched ABC’s hit show Scandal. But I must say that, if it’s half as good as the takes of it done by Jimmy Kimmel Live, it might just be worth checking out! 😉

Ho Ho Ho!

Trumping Ebeneezer!

Despite my depression, I am trying to make the best of Christmas. And, as I said this morning, the season hasn’t been without its “brighter” moments. Such as classic ads like this, those “Sugarplum Fairy” type visions, ample chances to mock those “legends of greed,” and, for never once speaking out against the madness inspired by his name, dreams of Michael Jordan getting knocked flat on his “filthy” rich ass! 😈


Sexy Sunday

Okay, I’ll admit that this one will appeal more to the guys than to the ladies. But hey, I’m a guy, and this is the season for fanciful wishes, right? But fear not ladies, I’ve included a little “something something” for you at the end… 😉

Michael Bolton's Head Exploding

And Speaking Of Music…

I tell ya friends, modern medicine is truly a miracle, at least for those who can afford it. Have you noticed the amazing comeback of Michael Bolton? The guy has literally been popping up all over the place these days, and he’s even begun appearing in TV ads like this one recently…