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Ball Of Confusion – Revisited

On The Cover Of The Rolling Stone


One Of These Days …

Baker Street

The Year Of The Cat

Goodbye Blue Sky

Empty Spaces

Bow To Your Queen

Wish You Were Here

Dirty Diana

Wasted Time

Paradise Trashed!

A Gentle Reminder

Those Shoes

The Turn of a Friendly Card

A Passion For Pain?

Close To The Edge – Part 1

Close To The Edge – Part 2

Ah… The Pitfalls Of Love

Close To The Edge – Part 3

Ball Of Confusion!

Tongue Tied

Still Speechless

Love and Harmony

Us and Them… A Three Act Play

Well, So Much For Change

The Ultimate Love Song

Good Times?

I Talk To The Wind

21st Century Schizoid Man

The Pinnacle of Pretentious Pontification




Stuck In The Middle With You

Here’s To The Places I’ve Never Been

Turn The Page

The Middle Of The Road

One Thing Leads To Another

The Logical Song

Bloody Well Right

Only A Fool Would Say That

Vital Signs

The Devil Went Down To Georgia

The Allman Brothers Band

Won’t You Please Dance For Us?

Dream On

Time – A Double Take



Stairway To Heaven

Sunglasses At Night

This Night

My Body Is A Cage

Wasted Time (via I Want Ice Water)

Keep On Trying

Your Sunday Sermon – Wind Up

Hey You!

Crazy Love

The Final Cut


It’s Been A Hard Day’s Night!

Maggot Brain

Take-A-Breather Thursday

Suite Madame Blue

Good Advice…

And Hold On To The Dream…


The Living Years

High Hopes

Emotional Roller Coaster

Rainy Days And Mondays

A Hump Day Pink Floyd Three Way

Just Another Lazy Day

Monday’s Memories

WTF Man?!?!

Friday Night With The Genesis Boys!

Hit & Run

Green Grass and High Tides Forever


Cosmos – Heaven and Hell

My Best Of Bread

`Cause You Can Tell By The Lines I’m Reciting…

Some Friday Night Funk…

Weird Al Yankovic – Amish Paradise

I’ve Seen All Good People

Close To The Edge

…And Realities

Sunday Reflections – The Last Resort

Gotye Overdose!

Darkening Sky


Miracles – Closer To The Heart

Update – Crystallize

Changes To Die For!

Crazy Love

A 90125 Nightcap…

Guess Who?

Not Alone?

Discovering Sugar Man

Nights, Winters, Years…

Who Are You Now?

Clawing My Way Out…

Twilight Zone


Steady State…

Past Mistake

Two From Bones

South Side Of The Sky…

Silent Talking…

Ooh Child, Things Are Gonna Get Easier…


Fly Me To The Moon!

REO – Keep On Loving You

Just What You Need To Make You Feel Better

When I Breakdown…

Singing The Dolphin Through

Love Spat Saturday – Change Of Heart

Sunday Reflections – For My Heart

A Double Dip Of The Blues

Heart of the Sunrise

Late Lament

Rocky Mountain Way

Two The Hard Way!

Life’s Been Good To Me So Far…

Rockin The Firefly Theme!

Bouncing In Sync…

A Lindsey Stirling 2Fer


Two For Tuesday…

This Isn’t What The Governmeant…

Badfinger – Baby Blue (Breaking Bad Finale)

Cross-Eyed Mary

(Don’t Fear) The Reaper


99 Problems…

Let Me Know When We Get There…

Happy Thanksgiving


On New Year’s Day…

Like A Watercolor In The Rain…

Thought I’d Something More To Say…

Her Mind Is Tiffany-Twisted…

Alternate Version of Wish You Were Here

The Dragons Daughter

The Twilight Zone

Norah Jones and Tori Amos on PBS!

A Three Dog Night Sing-A-Long!

The Magic Of Billy Joel


Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons!

Philadelphia Freedom!

Where Do We Draw The Line?

It’s Been a While…

Just The Cheese, Please…

Elephant’s Memory…

Boop, Boop, Ba, Bump, Bump When I Want To!

Sappy Sunday!

The Cactus Cuties!

These Sisters Totally Rock Their Cover Of Disney’s “Let It Go”

Led Zeppelin – Thank You…

Africa Optimism Recalled…

Demolition Man…

Searching For My Lost Mind…

The Yoshida Brothers!

If You Could Read My Mind…

Fitz And The Tantrums!

Drawn To Darkness…

We Call It Riding The Gravy Train…

Strange Magic…

And Speaking of Dragons…

Fooled Around And Fell In Love…

Hump Day – A Little Music…

Dreams Deferred…

End Songs…

Stirling and Hale – Shatter Me…

Yesterday Was Hard On All of Us…

2CELLOS Are All Sorts Of Awesome!

I’d Love To Change The World…

Whoa, Come With Me Now!

Tuesday Blues…

And Where Do We Go From Here?

Games People Play – Banksy Edition!

That ‘Love’ Thang…

For Leon…


Old Man Take A Look At My Life…