NCIS – Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

Well friends, despite my Say It Ain’t So NCIS! plea to the cosmos, Cote De Pablo’s exit from NCIS officially begins with tomorrow night’s Season 11 premiere “Whiskey Tango Foxtrot” (WTF?) episode…

So I thought I’d commemorate the occasion with a few gorgeous animated GIF blocks…

NCIS Block 1 01
NCIS Block 1 02
NCIS Block 1 03
NCIS Block 1 04
NCIS Block 1 05
NCIS Block 1 06
NCIS Block 1 07
NCIS Block 1 08
NCIS Block 1 09
NCIS Block 1 10
NCIS Block 2 01
NCIS Block 2 02
NCIS Block 2 03
NCIS Block 2 04
NCIS Block 2 05
NCIS Block 2 06
NCIS Block 2 07
NCIS Block 2 08
NCIS Block 3 01
NCIS Block 3 02
NCIS Block 3 03
NCIS Block 3 04
NCIS Block 3 05
NCIS Block 3 06
NCIS Block 3 07
NCIS Block 3 08
NCIS Block 3 09

Image credit: I Envy Your Brain Sometimes on Tumblr

This really nice wallpaper…


Image credit: Tony and Ziva by *Amro0 on deviantART

And the “song of denial” that has always worked best for me…

Missing You By John Waite With Lyrics via MusiclovePotion Aaron

Considering I STILL have the last two episodes of “House, M.D.” sitting, unwatched, on my DVR, something tells me it’s gonna take a lot more than the allotted hour for me to get through this one…

I want ice water. 😥

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