No Bounce, No Play

First off, I want to apologize for the precipitous drop in postings as of late, and for my embarrassing lack of response to your very nice comments. With my fraying mental condition leaving me feeling overwhelmed all the time, it’s been increasingly difficult for me to gather my thoughts into any kind of coherent statement at all – and this damned PC seems determined to squelch what little voice I do manage to find before I can even get anything out.

But the world goes on whether I have anything to say about it or not, and I remain determined to have some say about what it all means to me. Hence the title of this post, “No Bounce, No Play.” I borrowed it from the last Stephen King novel I ever bought, Dreamcatcher, and it loosely referred to a warning that a certain area was not intended for children to play in, but to my twisted mind means that you have to participate to consider yourself a player in the game.

I got to watch the movie version of Dreamcatcher on AMC the other day, and have had little pieces of that gruesome tale playing through my mind ever since. Here’s the trailer:

Now anyone who’s read this blog before should know that this post is more about the metaphors drawn by my mind’s eye than it is about a really disturbing horror movie. You see, there’s another little “catch phrase” from the story that’s been playing over and over in my head as well: SSDD (Same Shit, Different Day), which could have easily been this post’s title also.

The “No Bounce, No Play” reference may be a bit vague to most people, but the meaning behind “Same Shit, Different Day” should be clear to anyone. And, to me, the two in combination have come to represent my endless struggle to put voice to my growing unease over the inexorable “piling up” of day-to-day depressants from the world at large.

Which, strangely enough, brings me to all those Occupy Wall Street people. I can’t honestly say that I see a real link between that movement and my own attempts to express myself, but I am certain that we’re all trying to remind the world of just what time it is

I’m sorry if this post seemed a little rushed and incomplete. I fell lucky to have posted it at all, considering this damned thing froze up on my SEVEN TIMES while I was putting it together! 😳

I want ice water.

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31 thoughts on “No Bounce, No Play

  1. Its nice to see you back, i was wondering why you had not posted or i was not getting comments from you πŸ™‚
    So your pc is still playing up, i think i have fixed mine it was not wordpress at all, do you use internet explorer ?
    Keep well.


  2. even though we are in different time zone, I still love that I actually was watching Dreamcather as well yesterday. I love the book and even liked the movie (some of the King movies are just dreadful) but SSDD is an awesome acronym which is so true. Sometimes life is just crap but everything will go on and so will you my friend, just keep on going and it will get better… btw, I think it’s your blog. My computer froze twice now while trying to write this commentary… aaaaahhh what have u done to my lovely little thing LOL! Take care mate.


    • I think I saw the movie before this most recent viewing (perhaps even before I read the book), and I didn’t like it very much at all. Strangely though, I loved it this time around! Maybe enough time has passed for me not to notice the inconsistencies? πŸ˜•

      You know, this thing does tend to really act up when I’m trying to write a comment. Except for now, of course (it must be trying to make us feel foolish). There’s definitely an evil force at work here my friend! Could there be a ghost in my machine?!?! 😯


      • oh yes, wasn’t a big fan of the movie the 1st time around but loved it the 2nd time around and now few years later still damn good… but one should ignore all kind of inconsistencies and just enjoy the ride of it… but yepp, I think a little evil gnome (yes they are evil) is sitting inside mine but I ain’t opening up my computer to check…


        • And speaking of along for the ride, my PC’s been open for quite a while and I’m now once again experiencing the joys of frosty feet from having a big damned fan blowing into it too! 😑


  3. Good to see you back! And I hope you beat that computer into shape before you end up throwing it against the wall (very counterproductive, that). It doesn’t take much recalcitrance from a computer to totally kill any desire to post. Been there, done that.

    I use FF too, even though my geek son swears Chrome is cleaner, lighter weight, and a lot faster. I was really liking Chrome until I realized it doesn’t handle WP image resizing the same way FF does. For some reason, it doesn’t show the little grabber tabs for dragging and resizing. Otherwise I’d probably be using it.


    • You probably don’t know this Pied, but according to my WordPress stats, you’ve made the second highest number of comments to my blog posts. So maybe you can imagine how frustrating it is for me when this crappy PC keeps me from responding to them in the way I feel they deserve. And that’s not to mention how it limits me in commenting on the very thought provoking stuff you post. Argh!

      I have Chrome installed on my system but I don’t use it very much. Since my GMail page is the one I normally have open all the time, it does have a familiarity that I like. But I’m also quite attached to the very helpful Firefox add-ons I use to make my researching, blogging, and general surfing life so easy. While I’m sure that Chrome has similar things available, I’d rather not waste any of the time this PC does allow me climbing another learning curve! πŸ˜€


    • I think the books are always better myself, but maybe that’s only true for really imaginative people like us, eh? And I truly appreciate the referrals that come to my blog from yours. I hope having you on my blog roll has helped you out as well. πŸ˜€


  4. try this and let me know.


    Windows freezes or stops responding frequently.


    This issue could be caused by any of the below possibilities.
    1.Software related issue.
    2.Driver related issue.
    3.Operating system related issue.
    4.Heat related issue.
    5.Hardware issue.
    6.Serious issue with Windows
    7.Hardware failure.


    This document contains recommendations on what to do if the computer frequently freezes or completely halts. An easy way to determine if your computer is in this situation is by pressing the Num Lock button on the keyboard and watching the Num Lock led to see if it turns off and on.

    If you’re able to get the light to turn off an on, press CTRL + ALT + DEL and End Task the program.
    How to remove TSRs and startup programs.

    Software related issue

    A computer locking up or freezing is often is caused by a software related issue. If you’re encountering lockups when the computer is opening a particular program, make sure you have all the latest updates for that program. You can find the latest updates for your software through the software developer or publisher.


    • I check for updates to programs and drivers regularly. I also run frequent scans for malware infestations and registry errors. So other than something embedded in the OEM version of Windows 7 that came with the system I don’t see how my trouble can be anything other than an intermittent hardware failure.

      I’ll try the Num Lock key the next time it freezes up, but I’ve already tried CTRL + ALT + DEL along with every other keyboard trick I can think of.


  5. OK, i have win7 ultimate and its fine, i did a bit of reading about the oem embedded virsion and if it breaks down or the pc does microsoft offer no help and it looks like you cannot up-date it, there could well be something in the programme.
    You can remove these comments if you want and i’ll use your email, because i’m going to ask you to do a scan for me, let me know, Harry


      • What i wanted is no longer and it does not work with win7, try this.
        It does not mean you with the writing πŸ™‚

        P2P – I see you have P2P software installed on your machine. We are not here to pass judgment on file-sharing as a concept. However, we will warn you that engaging in this activity and having this kind of software installed on your machine will always make you more susceptible to re-infections. It is certainly contributing to your current situation.

        Please note: Even if you are using a “safe” P2P program, it is only the program that is safe. You will be sharing files from uncertified sources, and these are often infected. The bad guys use P2P filesharing as a major conduit to spread their wares.

        I would strongly recommend that you uninstall them, however that choice is up to you. If you choose to remove these programs, you can do so via Control Panel >> Add or Remove Programs.
        Update Your Java (JRE)

        Old versions of Java have vulnerabilities that malware can use to infect your system.

        First Verify your Java Version

        If there are any other version(s) installed then update now.

        Get the new version (if needed)

        If your version is out of date install the newest version of the Sun Java Runtime Environment.

        Note: UNCHECK any pre-checked toolbar and/or software offered with the Java update. The pre-checked toolbars/software are not part of the Java update.

        Be sure to close ALL open web browsers before starting the installation.

        Remove any old versions

        1. Download JavaRa and unzip the file to your Desktop.
        2. Open JavaRA.exe and choose Remove Older Versions
        3. Once complete exit JavaRA.

        Additional Note: The Java Quick Starter (JQS.exe) adds a service to improve the initial startup time of Java applets and applications. To disable the JQS service if you don’t want to use it, go to Start > Control Panel > Java > Advanced > Miscellaneous and uncheck the box for Java Quick Starter. Click OK and reboot your computer.


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