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TV News Anchors

“Supreme” Leader?

The Woman of My Dreams?

The Larger Picture

Conspiracy Theory?

In Total Bereft Of A Heart

All These Gods

Blinded By Controversy?

F*cked Up Thoughts

On The Shoulders Of Freaks

Social Networking?

The Tire Swing Project

The Health Care Follies

Will The Real Glenn Beck Please Stand Up?

Playing The Race Card

Bugs Bunny Rap Battle

5 Jobs Worse Than Yours

Your Life Could Actually Be Worse

The Best Halloween Costume Ever?

The Scariest Video Ever Posted On Youtube?

Why Dogs Hate Halloween

Tiger Woods “Newzak”

There, I Fixed It

The Human Footprint

We Never Stop Thinking Of You!

You Just Can’t Make This Stuff Up

Funny Follow Ups

There, I Fixed It… Again!

School Daze

Tech-Talch – Chatroulette!?!?

64 Years Later… WTF?!?!

The Hell On Ducks 2010-A

Safety Alert Update

Jon Stewart Fires Back

I Want One!

Poor Gwyneth!

The Truth About Sheep Farmers!

What Do “The PeePul” Really Want?

Water vs. Coke

The News From Home

Male Fantasy 101

An Insanely Cool Toy!

When Lives Hang In The Balance!

No Translation Needed!

Porno Email Causes Big Trouble

Religious Tolerance? Not!!!!

The true purpose of Dell (via Randshit’s Blog)

This should be a commercial for condoms (via Randshit’s Blog).

Today’s WTF Moment

Vive la Via!

A Bad Day Hat Trick

whatever. (via pretty much just like you)

STD E-cards (via Malia Litman’s Blog)

Sunday reading. (via JAMMER5’S POLYRANT)

It’s karaoke night (via Gruffguano’s Weblog)

Randshit Reblogs

Our Nuts Are Bigger Than Yours

Damn Those Propagandizing Pyromaniac Proselytizers!

The Whack-o’s Ultimate Plan?

Friday Free-For-All Totally NSFW (via Lookitsbray’s Blog)

World War II on Facebook (via Erotixx photoblog)

Islamophobia Follow-Up

Keanu Reeves fingering Rachel Weisz (via Erotixx photoblog)

Filed Under WTF?: 20 Strangest Sex Laws (via The Intoxication of Vera Roberts)

When The Madness Comes

Proposal (via Randshit’s Blog)

Um….Air Sex, anyone? (NSFW) (via The Intoxication of Vera Roberts)

Reach Out And Grope Someone?

Is That You Peggy?

Why Super Heroes Give Up

The Atheist Apocalypse – Sooner the Better. (via Dead Wild Roses)

People Will Still Want To F#@k You, You’re Rich!

A Comedy Triple Play

So You Want To Be Free, Eh?

Stayin’ Alive In The Wall

Women – Make Yourself Noticed During Sex (via The Mad Hatters)

I Reject Your Reality…

Here’s What Really Went Down (via The Friggin Loon)

WTF Rapture Reblogs

People of Walmart – Music Video

Cracked – Worst Terrorist Video Ever!

Clubbing With Idiots

BP Coffee Spill

Celebrating The 4th In Style!

Today’s Chuckle – What Is USB?

Lunatic Measures For Desperate Times?

Let’s Get Ready To Rumble… Rappapalooza!

Pay No Attention To That Man Behind The Curtain!

Army of God, or Army of Darkness?

You Just Don’t F#@k With Matt Damon!

Is This Thing On?

Everything You Know Is Wrong – Part 1

Everything You Know Is Wrong – Part 2

Gingers Need Loving Too!

Funny Or Die Friday

The World’s First Anti-Social Network!


Social Disease

Then Meets Now

Lions, Tigers and Bears, Oh Snap!

Friday Madness

The Great Self-Mockery Reblog!

Mayhem Strikes Again – Recalculating!

A World Without Facebook?

Venting My Inner Sam

Louis CK learns about the Catholic Church

Let’s Get Ready To Rumble… Rappapalooza 2!

Happy Valentine’s Day?

If You Can’t Beat Em, Mock Em!

You Want Crazy? I Got Your Crazy!

Funny Monday – Weekend Reflections?

Screwing with the Ding-Bats!

The “Real” Me?

Nature or Nurture?

Your Friday WTF?!?!

Damn! Looks Like The Joke’s On Me!

Friday Freak Fest!

What The Hell Do I Know?

To The Right – March?

The Thread To… OMG!!!!!

Thumpin Thursday

And Now, For Something Completely Different…

Channeling Harry Reid’s Rage

Hump Day Twisted Parodies

Spastic Wednesday

Excuse Me While I Whip This Out!

A Great Day To Whoop Somebody’s Ass

We’ll Have A Gay Old Time!!!

Animated Reflections 1

Animated Reflections 2

The Accent Is On Funny!

Hurricanes and Horror Movies

Sunday Funnies – Totally Biased

Silly Saturday

The Onion Does The RNC

Gotye Overdose!

Oh Shit Son!

Racism In Politics? Say It Ain’t So!

Damn – No “Haven” in that Storm!

Heavy Metal Children’s Songs?!?!

Let My People Vote – Get Nana A Gun!

And Here We Go Again!

Animated Debates

They’re Coming To Take Me Away, Ha Haaa!

Animated Debates – Part Deux!

Let’s Get Ready To FUMBLE…

Animated Debates – Third Strike!

20,000 Spoonfuls Of Terror!

Man, I Need To Get A Life!

Your Wednesday SmackDown!

How Time Travel Works?!?!

Nice Try, IHOP!

A Little Post Election Mockery…

That “Special” Weekend Date…

And Speaking Of Mayhem…

Gay Men Will Marry Your Girlfriends!


I Couldn’t HAAANDLE The Truth…

What, Me Worry?

A Little Tuesday Lunacy

Why Didn’t I Think Of That?

Waddaya Mean, I’m Not Superman?!?!

And Now For Something Completely Stupid!

Shrieking White-Hot Sphere Of Pure Rage!

Career Day!

Enter The Void!

The Onion Mocks The NRA

Let’s Get Ready To Rumble… Rappapalooza 3!

Facebook Follies!

A Little Tuesday Mockery

Umm, Do I Smell Onions Cooking?

In The News Hilarity From Mark Fiore

OMG – It’s Edison Versus Tesla!

It’s In The Lap Of The Gods…

GOP Strives To Overcome Neanderthal Image

Your Freaky Friday WTF?!?!

Release The Loons!


Hip Hop Fo’ Hebrews?

Let’s Get Ready To Rumble… Rappapalooza 4!

When Autocorrect Goes Awry!

Your Sunday Funnies!

Let’s Get Ready To Rumble… Rappapalooza 5!

More Bluesday Mood Lifters – BAM!

It’s Thursday Again, WTF?!?!

How Not To Orgasm!

Patton Oswalt and the Sky Cake

Shane Hawley’s Wile E Coyote!

And I Thought Black Widows Had It Bad!

How I See My Dog Vs How My Dog Sees Me

10 Reasons Why Time Travel is No Good

Monty Python Gets Animated About Government!

Say WHAT?!?!

SNL’s Take on the Benghazi Hearings

It’s Just Another Manic Monday…

Big Teddy Just NAILS The News!

Demented Infidelities…

WTF Friday – Shared Irony…

WTF Friday – Dear Diary…

Pon Farr Dancing With The Vulcan Of Love!

Don’t Mess With Aunt Karen!

This Dog’s Butt Looks Like Jesus!

Sunday Reflections…

Monday Purge…

Tell Them You Don’t Give A Damn!

Sexy NSA Commercial With Sasha Grey

The Road To Babylon

Love Spat Saturday – The Beatles Argument

Sit On My Faith!

Is My TV Is Out To Get Me?

The Evidence Is Piling Up…

From the desk of an Evil, Warped Bitchmaster…

Going Hanniballistic… Again!

WTF Florida?!?!

The Awful Truth!

Cell Phones and Fire Hydrants?

It’s Make A Mockery Saturday!

Why You No Call, You No Write?

Can’t Take This Any Meow!

Girl Makes Dolphin Laugh?

Messiah Complex?

Royal Baby’s First Words!

Love Without Words

More Enema For My Soul…

Oh No, An 80s Flashback!

Applying Stop and Frisk to Wall Street Bankers!

The Bad, The Crazy, And The Just Plain Ridiculous!

Mental Health Test…

OMG, It’s Porn!

GIFs From The N-Verse!

The Forgotten Man?

Oatmeal Snorts!

Oh No, Not The Lady Juice!

A Very Painful Lesson…

The Muffin Man?

Waiting for the Worms…

True Facts About The Mantis Shrimp

Mental Alchemy…

Contemplating Syria with The Firesign Theatre

Bored As Hell And I Want To Come Home…

Funny GIF-Song Combos

Breaking Madness…

Marvel Madness – “The Ex-Wife”

Look Martha, The Dingbats Are Doing A Jim Carrey!

Everything is Samuel L. Jackson’s Fault!

Sunday Signs…

Shutdown Reflections…

Jon Stewart’s Rockin’ Shutdown Eve!

WTF Wednesday!

A Career Of Evil?

Sunday Reflections…

Internal Conflicts…

Your Hump Day Breaking News!

Phriday Phunnies – Falling Trees…

Phriday Phunnies – Russell Peters!

Ruined Childhood?

Charlie Daniels – Uneasy Rider

Guys and Dolls…

Your Hump Day Nightmare…

Your Thurday Weird…

Must Be The Season…

Halloween Cute and Silly

Halloween Fun With Phobias

WTF Did That Guy Eat?

Tuesday Madness…

Impure Purity?

And Speaking Of Race…

Say My Name!

It’s Hump Day, So Let The Darkness Begin!

A Little Post Turkey Day Madness!

OMG, It’s Rappapalooza 6!

Spoon Wars – Jack’s New Hope!

And Speaking Of Music…

Sunday Funnies!

A “Smashing” Good Night!

What Fresh Hell Is This?!?!

The Key To Happiness?

Trumping Ebeneezer!

The War On Christmas Eve?

More Christmas Eve Madness!

A Little “Day After” Humor…

Resolutions You Might Actually Keep!

More Help With Those Resolutions!

The Future’s So Bright…

Cats and Owls and Puppies, Oh My!

And The Home… Of The… Strange?

Paradise Lost?

You Mean I Could Be A Star Too?

Grin And Bear It Thursday

Fevered Mutterings…

Trudging Across The Tundra…

Saturday Reflections

Hump Day Theme Song!

Dystopian Flowmation

Tuesday Reflections…

Seductive “Hump Day” Pizza Eating!

Signs That Having Kids Makes You Crazy…

So, You’ll Be Drinking This Weekend?

Batman Vs. Superman – A Comedy Epic!

Comedy After Death?

Just Another Manic Monday…

Paranormal Cativity!

From A Little’s Black Book

The Joke’s On Star Trek…

A Strange Game…

The Pussy Collection

A Post With No Name

Awesome Commercials!

Glimpses From The Far Side


Laissez Le Bon Temps Rouler!

Nature Can Be Weird!

And Speaking Of Strangely Behaved Animals…

Hump Day Madness!

Hump Day Political Madness!

Garbage In, Garbage Out

Well Shut My Blasphemous Mouth!

Monday Madness!

Truth In Advertising?

Geeks Are Sexy?

The EOTM Blues…

Hump Day At The Asylum!

Welcome To The Cocoon Of Fun!

Happy Mother’s Day!

It’s Friday – Release The Clowns!

Animal Facts with The Frogman…

Rollin’ Safari!

Ahh those lovely typos!

Funny Friday!

Freaky Friday!

Inspidered Madness!

But Most Of All – Smile!

Father’s Day Madness!

A Hump Day Geekfest – John Oliver and Stephen Hawking

A Hump Day Geekfest – Blinding Me With Science!

A Little Lesson In Manners…

Friday Foolishness – The Interview…

Friday Foolishness – Anti-Gravity…

The Oldest Trick In The Book?

Critter Madness!

A Peek Into Our Future?

Funny Monday – The Clash of ‘Art’ and ‘Heroism’

And Speaking Of Comedic Genius…

I’m Going Off The Rails On This Crazy Day!

Your Problem Is Obvious!

Mrs. Betty Bowers, America’s Best Christian!

Don’t Kill Sean Bean?

It’s Russian?

More Critter Madness!

Reflections With A Twist…

I Need A Vacation!

The Surest Sign Winter Is Coming…

Mrs Brown’s Sticky Situation…

Trevor Noah Is One Funny Dude…

Grasping At Straws…

Some Help From A Friend…

About Those British Accents…

Movie Mockery Madness!

My Opponent Is A Hatchet-Faced Nutmeg Dealer!

Because War Requires Cannon Fodder!


A Little Immigration Humor!

Pardon My Giblets…

Saturday At The Geek…

To Sixty, and Beyond!

Stephen Colbert Interviews Smaug The Dragon!

Love, Sex, and Madness!

The Price Is Wrong, Bitch!

My Christmas HumBUG!

Amazing Chicken?

New Years Eve Party Advice From John Oliver!

Whatever Gotham Needs Me To Be!

Hump Day – A Little Humor…

Geeky Friday – Comic Relief!

Geeky Friday – The TARDIS Proposal?

Geeky Friday – Behind Closed Bathroom Doors!

The Bright Side Of The Storm…

Tall Tales…


I Am The Man Known As Heisenberg!

Your Hump Day WTF?!?!

It’s Valentine’s Day, Again…

50 Shades Of… Buscemi?

Sunday Funnies…

The Adventures of Adult Wednesday Addams…

A Hump Day For The Dogs…

Eminence Front…

And Now, Something That’s Actually Funny!

Happy Hump Day, Y’all!

Mitt in the Mirror with Jimmy Fallon

Just Another Awesome Sunday!

Holy Flaming Birdshit Batman!

April Fools’ Day with John Oliver…

The Finger Of God!

How To Cook A Fucking Steak!

Hindsight Is Golden?

A Marvelous Cinematic Overload!

Happy Mother’s Day!

This Is Your Life 101…

I Think I Prefer Crazy

Surprise! Surprise! Surprise!

What To Do, What To Do…

Cosmic Stupidity Test?