These Women Kick Ass Too!

Well it’s Hump Day, and I can think of no better way to get your humps a-throbbing than with a long awaited follow-up to my infamous Women Who Kick Ass! post!


Goodbye and Hello…

Good grief my friends. On the heels of the death of Robin Williams, and on what would have been my Dad’s 106th birthday, I found out that Lauren Bacall died yesterday. I was actually beginning to wonder if there was any good news in the world at all! Fortunately, Rachel Maddow ended last night’s show with a reminder that there was…

Baroque-Inspired Photography by Mariska Karto

Hailing from the Netherlands, this artist is bringing a resurgence of Baroque-style painting to her work. Instead of paint though, the artist uses her camera to create sensual and feminine images that echo the renaissance period. Her name is Mariska Karto and through her art she expresses the depths of her own mind and being. As an artist she brings all the elements of natural story telling into her photography and in the process creates a work that even the old masters could have admired.

Tuesday Funnies!

Several items today, from two different sources – all poking a little fun at the “better half” of our species. No offense ladies. You know I love you! First up are three images from one of my favorite blogs – the very prolific Don in Massachusetts. Each image is linked to it’s respective post: And last, but definitely not least, is this incredibly funny video from the always awesome Cool Berman: