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Ayn Rand and “The Fountainhead”

Pinky and The Brain

Joan of Arcadia

“Mission To Mars” – Inspiration For Humility


I Want To Be Like… HOUSE?

Saving Grace

Take Off!

Carl Sagan

Me & Mr. Monk


Picard and Dathon at El-Adrel

The Looney Tunes Connection


House… With Feelings?

Commercial Assets

Monsters Are Real: Se7en

Beyond The Lighted Stage

SG-U: A New Metaphor For The Human Condition?

No Tears For The Reaper

Mucking About The House

Dirty Harry Meets Bluegrass And Rap?


Ruby Slippers?

In Plain Sight

A Day In Eureka!

Dreams Of Vengeance

Nothing Is Ever Black And White

Charlie Rose – Alec Baldwin on Social Media

Soothing That Inner Rage

A Dark Nut Rising?


Things Worse Than Monsters Hide In The Mist!

Who’s The Scariest Of Them All?

So, Satan Walks Into This Bar…

Say It Ain’t So NCIS!

The Adjustment Bureau

Slow Justice is No Justice!

The Lady In White

Burning Love…

Ralph Waite – A Belated R.I.P.

Continuum – Dark Places…

Perception – Sticks and Stones…

The Bones 200th ‘Crimedy’ Spectacular!

92 Year Old Christopher Lee Returns to Middle Earth One Last Time…

Geeky Friday – Super Starts Here!

Arthur – The Best That You Can Do!

Rainn On Me!