How The Sun Sees You?

This one is both fascinating and, well, a little creepy too. Okay, we hear all the time about how ultraviolet radiation from the sun can damage our skin, right? But did you know that an ultraviolet camera can be used to reveal the hidden freckles and splotches the sun has already left on your skin? Well, take a look as videographer Thomas Leveritt shocks and amazes a bunch of people by revealing what the sun has done to them!

Bizarre Laws Visualized!

From the weird and crazy, to the downright ridiculous, I’ve posted a lot about the law on this blog. So naturally, after seeing some of Olivia Locher’s “I Fought The Law” collection posted on Visual News, I just had to add another post to my collection! 🙂

Goddess Of Steel

According to Paul Caridad’s Visual News article, it took 750 feet of steel wire, 200 grinder bits, and 16 months of work for Sandman Creations sculptor Sean Sobczak to create his incredible six and a half foot tall “Shake Dreams From Your Hair” sculpture. Fortunately, filmographer Beau Lambert captured the entire process, allowing for the creation of this beautiful time-lapse video that shows all of it in just 4 minutes!

A Box of Money from a Block of Wood?

The mosaic below contains just a few images from the How to Turn a Block of Wood Into a Box of Money post on the Twisted Sifter blog… And since I’ve fallen so far behind on reblogging their great stuff, you can click on the images below for more incredible Twisted Sifter works of art…