How The Sun Sees You?

This one is both fascinating and, well, a little creepy too. Okay, we hear all the time about how ultraviolet radiation from the sun can damage our skin, right? But did you know that an ultraviolet camera can be used to reveal the hidden freckles and splotches the sun has already left on your skin? Well, take a look as videographer Thomas Leveritt shocks and amazes a bunch of people by revealing what the sun has done to them!

Video via Thomas Leveritt on YouTube

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How The Sun Sees You: A Powerful Video That Will Make You Want To Wear Sunscreen
on Visual News

I want ice water.

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21 thoughts on “How The Sun Sees You?

  1. I guarantee you that at my age, I don’t want to see any more sun damage than I already see. Keep that camera away from me! (And I’ve been pretty diligent with sunscreen most of my life.)

    This is worth repeating, though. Hope you don’t mind if I do.


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  3. I noticed that the people with brown/black skin showed up as flawless on the ultraviolet camera. Doesn’t hurt to use a lower level sunscreen from time to time, though.


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