Back In The Saddle Again?

Man, things are going well. Almost too well, I think (you know how I am). It should come as no surprise to you that all this “success” has left me just a little bit suspicious. You know, there just has to be something really scary lurking, somehow, just below my awareness…


The Evidence Against Me

I was watching the second of Saturday night’s two episodes of Doubt (a series that I found has already been cancelled while putting this post together) when one of the characters did something that was so much like something I’d do – something I’ve done so many times – she said what she really thought at the worst possible time!

Don’t You (Forget About Me)…

Had to do a major cleaning inside my PC earlier today, after the noises my processor cooling fan was making became disturbing enough to force my hand. Mind you, this happened only days after my son’s much newer PC completely crapped out on him and, well, you know, my hunk-o-junk does have a history too…


Drawn To Darkness…

A couple of ‘darker’ themed songs. Not because my mood has collapsed. I just can’t resist their sound! 🙂


Boop, Boop, Ba, Bump, Bump When I Want To!

After yesterday’s most unsatisfying rant, I’m going to spend my day just chilling out – starting with this little tune from Sly & The Family Stone


Marooned On Planet Earth?

I have a confession of sorts to make. If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you might have noticed that I haven’t posted nearly as much about science and space exploration as I used to. It’s true. I haven’t. If you’re wondering what’s going on, or what exactly has changed, I’m really not sure I can give a proper explanation. For, despite all the incredible things we’ve accomplished, the fact is that, for the time being at least, we Americans have allowed ourselves – through our own lack of focus, political infighting, and downright laziness – to become more or less marooned, right here on planet Earth…


Norah Jones and Tori Amos on PBS!

As I’ve said many times, I’m a huge fan of the PBS Network. For news, science and nature, and even drama, its programming is really hard to beat. But did you know they have excellent music shows on there as well? I just had to search out these videos after seeing Norah Jones on “Austin City Limits” and Tori Amos on “Infinity Hall Live” last night. They aren’t the exact performances I saw, but they will definitely do!