The Evidence Against Me

I was watching the second of Saturday night’s two episodes of Doubt (a series that I found has already been cancelled while putting this post together) when one of the characters did something that was so much like something I’d do – something I’ve done so many times – she said what she really thought at the worst possible time! The character was the mother of the main character, Sadie Ellis (played by Katherine Heigl), who, after being locked up for 34 years for her participation in a bank robbery (to acquire funds to help right the wrongs they saw in our society) that resulted in the death of a police officer, was finally on the brink of receiving a long sought parole. I mean, everything was in place – from the evidence of her great accomplishments while in prison, to Sadie’s beautiful testimony on her behalf and, something they’d never had before – testimony of her behalf from one of the dead officer’s own children.

All she had to do was just let it play out. You know smile and grin at the change all around. But nooooo, she couldn’t do that. When one of the parole board members – in, I think, an attempt to let the whole thing go as “water under the bridge” – stated that times have changed and even implied that the wrongs the mother had sought to address all those years ago no longer existed… Oh Shit! Suffice it to say that there was no parole granted.

Now I’d like to believe that I wouldn’t blow a chance at parole after 34 years just because I couldn’t keep my mouth shut but, on the other hand, my history doesn’t exactly back that up…

Anyway, they played the same cover of The Ronnettes’ “Be My Baby” at the end of the episode that I included in my Drawn To Darkness post. Both the tone of Snow Hill’s cover and the song’s lyrics reflect my sense of loneliness and isolation so well that I’m tempted to post it again though that’s something I don’t like to do. Fortunately, I ran across this wonderful alternative by Nightcore that does the trick just as well…

Damn! I was really starting to love that show!

I want ice water.

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3 thoughts on “The Evidence Against Me

  1. Doubt’s already cancelled? I’ve never even seen it. I think it’s absurd not to give a new show a chance to find it’s audience. (However, my loving a new show is usually the kiss of death.)

    Open mouth, insert foot. I’ve been known to do that on occasion, although not speaking up when I should is more often the problem.

    Have always loved “Be My Baby,” Ronnettes version. Never thought of it as a downer, but we all hear songs differently. I quit listening to music after my dad died because I never knew when I’d get hit with a song that totally bummed me out.

    I think of you often. Stay well, and don’t listen to depressing songs!

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  2. Thanks PT. Being in your thoughts means a lot to me, as do you. As you should know, I don’t have to do anything to hear depressing songs other than fail to keep enough noise going on to drown out the ones that play in my head on their own. Here’s one of the (less disturbing) that has been ones looping round in there lately:

    Still brings tears to my eyes though…


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