I'd Love To Change The World

I’d Love To Change The World…

I’ve heard this song so much recently that I felt compelled to spend some time finding the perfect video of it to post. It’s a bone-chilling remake of the 1971 classic Ten Years After song, I’d Love To Change The World, performed by English indie pop and rock singer Jetta


Arthur – The Best That You Can Do!

I had the distinct privilege of watching one of my all-time favorite movies last night, when TCM brought back Arthur. Nominated for four Academy Awards in 1982, Arthur is one of the very few movies I actively rooted for to win. I mean really, with the incredibly funny Dudley Moore teamed up with Liza Minnelli and the awesome Sir John Gielgud, all working together with one of the greatest movies themes ever playing behind them, how could I not?

As Cold As Ice!

As Cold As Ice!

Brrrrr! We set a new record low temperature here overnight. Officially, they’re saying it got down to -11, but the weather thingy in my browser was showing -14 at 3:30am, just before I decided to crawl under my blankets. At any rate, I was inspired by the following image, a copy of which was posted over on Tacky Raccoons…