Reflections Between The Lines…

I imagine there are those of you who’ve wondered, not for the first time, just what the hell has become of me. It’s been over six months since my last post, which was itself written over a year after the one before it. So what’s the deal, eh? Oh how I wish I could find the words to describe all the thoughts and emotions required to adequately explain. Unfortunately, even if I had the drive and energy it would take to to produce such a testament, I fear that it would still fall far short of what the task requires…

Suffice it to say that this blog has become so much a reflection of my life that merely thinking of it inspires all the same combined feelings of shame and pride that that life has filled my heart with. As such, all I can give you is this opportunity to reflect on my thoughts hidden between the lines of these songs…

How could I have been so insane, so arrogant, as to think I could actually achieve, here, something so grand as to demand your recognition, all the while knowing it would require of me the kind of courage I’d never been able to muster before…

And yet, in the midst of this terrible sense of failure, I can’t help but miss the effort…

I want ice water.

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21 thoughts on “Reflections Between The Lines…

  1. Hi Mak! Great seeing “i want icewater” on screen again. My being rather, um, tech challenged, i have to paste links instead of full performance videos, but it really is the thought that counts.


    Hope they work ok. Cannot think of a time when a post notification from you hasn’t made me smile– πŸ˜πŸ†

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  2. So glad you are back….as for me…I have been absent also…as you know because of family illnesses and deaths…..being the only sibling in the state, I was overwhelmed at times…but at last, house is cleaned out, papers signed….house on market, and now…time to reflect, clear all the boxes from my bedroom with the heirlooms, family history, keepsakes, antiques more worthy than to put them in a tag sale…… and daily trips to Circleville since last October.
    We had one last ceremony yesterday at the cemetery ….the Sons of the American Revolution and Daughters of the American Reveloution. Had a ceremony for my parents due to they are descendants…….and died only 4 months apart ….they did a double ceremony with costumes and all. They were buried in Dutch Hollow Cemetery at Amanda Ohio. In that cemetery there are descendants from Germany and the stones are written in German. My sister and I explored the gravestones for several hours the other day while preparing our parents grave for the ceremony…..unfortunately she had to return to Az. One day before the ceremony.will post a couple pics….good to hear from you Mak ….glad I got to see you at your sisters funeral…. it had been a LONG. TIME!!

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    • Thanks for dropping by Rosie! Again, so sorry about your folks, but at least you seem to have dealt well with the aftermath – once again proving your great strength. I haven’t even figured out how to deal with Jean’s death, let alone found the strength to write about it…

      Your cemetery exploration reminded me of the outing we all took to the cemetery there in Chillicothe. It’s one of the best memories from my time there! πŸ™‚

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    • Tower of Babel is from his Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy album. I agree that it’s appropriate to today’s political environment, though I intended it as a reflection on how I now feel about the arrogance and conceit I put forward despite all the darkness I held inside…


  3. I could never see you as conceited in any way shape or form….. and feel you are being too hard on yourself…… people replied because they wanted too… you need to get some of that ” believe in what I am doing “. Back….. love you guy and miss your thoughts!!

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