A War On Money And Jobs

Oh The Humanity!

You know, we humans have a way of making these cute, philosophical sounding, “proclamations” without really thinking them through. For example, take this little image I saw on Facebook the other day…

Let The Good Times Roll

Laissez Le Bon Temps Rouler!

Good grief. I really need to stop falling asleep with the news playing on my TV. With continuing coverage of the potential invasion of the Ukraine by Russia, the ongoing search and recovery efforts after the horrible mudslide in Washington state, and, of course, the never-ending quest to find out what happened to Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, it’s no wonder I woke up in such a grumpy mood! >:(

Pat Condell

What Would A Patriot Do?

With her Patriotism is more than a lapel pin (video) post, fellow blogger Pied Type inspired a lively discussion about the meaning of, and the abuses inspired by, this thing we call patriotism. Frankly, I wish I’d been able to contribute more to the conversation. But the truth is that my feelings on the subject are a bit “nebulous” to say the least, and even that quote from the Declaration of Independence – which used to seem so definitive to me – now just seems to inspire more questions than it provides answers. I do, however, encourage all my readers to go take a look at Pied Type’s post.

Adding to my own confusion on the matter was the following video posted on The “Great” One’s Blog the day before Pied Type published her post, and seeing it posted again this morning on the Always Question Authority blog is what inspired me to do a post of my own…