A Dark Nut Rising?

I’m a huge fan of those “Ice Age” movies, yet despite the brilliant animation and voice-overs for their main characters, my favorite has always been the one with few, if any, lines at all – Scrat – and his never ending quest for that damned acorn! So you know that, after seeing this outrageously funny…

The Simple Life

A friend sent this wonderful slide show to me in PowerPoint format. I was able to find a WordPress compatible version on SlideShare.net. Unfortunately, it’s missing the really great music that accompanied the original. But it’s still quite impressive! BTW: There’s an “auto-play” feature in the menu, and I strongly recommend full screen. I want…

Some Most Peculiar Creatures

Those crazy emails just keep on coming… Without the need for resorting to fiction, our planet is populated with plenty of bizarre and astonishing creatures. Some are rare and some are on the verge of extinction. Here are 14 of the most peculiar creatures known to humankind!!! I want ice water.

He Came In Peace

Another e-mail that’s more cute than funny. But still, it is so cool! Polar Bear: I Come In Peace Norbert Rosing’s striking images of a wild polar bear coming upon tethered sled dogs in the wilds of Canada ‘s Hudson Bay. The photographer was sure that he was going to see the end of his…

Why Dogs Hate Halloween

It might be because of the weird noises made by the kids, and it might be because of the weird appearance of the kids themselves, but perhaps the REAL reason dogs hate Halloween can be found in the following images: I want ice water.