Major Rants

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Opening Rant

What – Me Worried?

Hope and Conflict

It’s Nature’s Way Of Telling You Something’s Wrong

Déjà Vu All Over Again

It’s Time To Prove Ourselves Again

Radicals Like Me

Dragged Down By The Stone

The Real Reagan Legacy

And The Band Plays On…

My Three Sons

Show Me, Don’t Tell Me

Get Your Filthy Hands Off My Desert

The Sin of Sloth

The “Human” Stage

Behind My Eyes

The Michael Jackson – Ayn Rand Connection

On The Shoulders Of Giants

Autism and The Urban Hermit

Why A Space Program?

There, But For The Grace Of … What?

The Health Care Quagmire

The Philosophy of Art and Politics

Too Big To Succeed?

The Tracks Of My Fears

Drugs, Cartels, and Terrorists – A Capitalist Solution?

It’s That Time Of Year Again

Dissing Barack


So, We’re Voting On Rights Now?

Countdown To Doomsday?

Thirty Years…

Can I REALLY Just Be Myself?

A Shitstorm Of Ambiguity!

Enough With The Déjà Vu Already!

If A Picture Paints A Thousand Words…

That Stench on the Winds of Change…

I’ve Seen All Good People

The Sum of All Fears

Radical Honesty: Enema For The Soul

Monday Reflections

The Gift of Apollo

The Anti-War App?

Iraq – You Break It, You Own It?

Has Democracy Failed Us?