Despite their wonderful and enticing promos, I admit that I’ve never actually watched ABC’s hit show Scandal. But I must say that, if it’s half as good as the takes of it done by Jimmy Kimmel Live, it might just be worth checking out! 😉

I want ice water.

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4 thoughts on “Escándalo!

  1. My son says it’s definitely worth watching. I just have to dig up a free source of every episode and make sure I have everything before I begin watching from S1E1.


    • I might watch an episode just to see for myself, but the title of the show is kinda off-putting to be honest. After all, there’s plenty of real scandal on the news! O_o


        • You know, it occurred to me, right after I replied, that there are theme similarities with shows I actually do watch. I’ll have to fall back on my “it’s the title” excuse. Jimmy claimed that the show was called “The Fixer” somewhere in one of the other parodies. Now that’s a title that grabs me! O_o


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