Twisted Waters…

Several thoughts crossed my mind while watching Sunday Night’s “We’ll Get There” episode of TNT’s The Last Ship – the episode where the crew of the USS Nathan James is dying of thirst in the middle of the ocean after a fire knocked out the engines and compromised their ability to generate electricity and fresh water.

The first was my poorly remembered version of these lines from Coleridge’s “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner”

Water, water, everywhere, and all the boards did shrink;
Water, water, everywhere, nor any drop to drink.

The second was all the ‘sciencey’ stuff I’ve learned about Water’s Solvent Properties and why those properties make it so important to the existence of life as we know it, and why finding it is so important in the search for life on other worlds…

The third was a recollection from my reading of Orson Scott Card’s Seventh Son – the first book in his The Tales of Alvin Maker series – where the supernatural force known as The Unmaker attempts to use water, his most powerful agent, to kill Alvin before he can even be born…

All of which, I think, makes water, in all it’s beautiful and deadly incarnations, so fascinating to us all. And. I guess, why these images from the Twisted Sifter blog are so fascinating to me as well…

The Abyss Table by Duffy London
Reblogged from The Depths of an Ocean Inside a Coffee Table on Twisted Sifter

The River Collection by Greg Klassen
Reblogged from Furniture with Rivers of Glass Running Through Them on Twisted Sifter

For those of you wondering how my mind can connect simple images of coffee tables to all that stuff at the top, feel free to ask in the comments below – if you dare… 😉

I want ice water.

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12 thoughts on “Twisted Waters…

  1. OK IzaakMak … I dare ask………. HOW! 🙂 LOL

    its been a while since I paid you a visit.. I was intrigued with the images and subject here, I quite like the coffee table.. given the right setting…. Hope all is well with you? I keep turning up like a bad penny every now and again…. Enjoy your week…
    Take care….. Sue xox


    • Wow Sue, describing the relationships between these things has proven to be more complicated than I expected. First, I am the mixed-race offspring of some very superstitious people. I’ll get to why the mixed-race bit is important later. For now, the important thing is that being raised by very superstitious people not only filled me with a lot of fear and a life-long fascination with ‘apocalyptic’ type stories, but inspired both my atheism and my love of science as well.

      Over the years, my fears have manifested in many ways, one of which is a moderately strong ‘phobia’ related to water. I actually taught myself how to swim when I was a kid to fight against that fear but, to this day, the deeper the water, the deeper is my dread of it – even to the point where I avoid simple things like showers and baths. Crazy, right? I know it is. And knowing how crazy it is, yet being completely unable to stop those feelings, are just a small part of the mountain that rests upon my ‘depressed’ shoulders.

      Which brings me back around to that mixed-race thing. If you read the Wikipedia page I linked to for The Tales of Alvin Maker, you’ll see that “It takes place in an alternate history of the American frontier in the early 19th century, to some extent based on early American folklore and superstition.” Well, having been born of the mixture of European, African, and Native-American heritage, a lot of the superstition I grew up with naturally involved a lot of very scary stories about atrocities committed by, and against, my ancestors. Suffice it to say that hearing all these things while growing up planted seeds that bore fruit in a rather frightening way.

      You see, it was during my reading of the second book in that series, Red Prophet – the part that described a horrible mass murder of Indians that left a river running red from the blood – that I finally had my first psychological breakdown. I literally couldn’t stop crying for days afterwards. I was so embarrassed and ashamed that I literally hid from everyone to keep them from seeing how out of control I was, and my first hospitalization for psychiatric reasons can within weeks after that…


  2. Not crazy about the first table but the “river runs through it” tables are beautiful. They’d be wasted in my house though — constantly covered with magazines, paperwork, dog brushes, game controllers and remotes, a notepad, coasters, scissors, a pink tennis ball, a stapler, a roll of masking tape …


    • I think they’re all beautiful PT, but I don’t think I could have any of them in my place. Not only would they end up covered in even more junk than you described in your comment, but there’s just something about coffee tables that draw me into painful incidents of toe-stubbing and shin-bashing!


      • I’ve certainly experienced my share of toe-stubbing and shin-bashing. But where would I put all that stuff if I didn’t have a coffee table? And where would I prop my feet?


        • As a border-line hoarder of all kinds of junk, I know that mine would definitely be chock full. I also know that my last coffee table – a nice metal framed one with a glass top – actually collapsed under the weight of all my junk. After two years of ‘planning’ to replace the glass, I finally decided to throw out the frame just the other day! O_o


  3. I hope VERY MUCH that Twisted Sifter gave full credit to “Colossal” ? – that’s where you find all such wonderful images of creativity …


        • You know M-R, I spent all morning putting this post together. In it, I’ve included many links for further information. Amongst the links I’ve included are links to both of the Twisted Sifter posts I reblogged as well as links to the sources that were listed in those posts.

          Why are you asking me to speak for people who are perfectly capable of speaking for themselves?


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