Social Disease

If ever I needed confirmation that there’s a link between mental health and physical health, this past week has been more than proof enough. And I can’t deny that depression affects the way I see things anymore either, because this past week has driven that point home to the bone once and for all…

Honestly, the only thing I’m really sure of is that my problems are firmly rooted in the love / hate relationship I have with my fellow humans. It’s what I like to call A Social Disease.

Oh if only drinking would help. Unfortunately, I’ve never been able to tolerate it. So I guess that, for the moment at least, all I can really hope for is a nice, resounding…

But until I get that all worked out, I’ll just be glad that waking up tomorrow doesn’t sound as bad today as it did yesterday…

I want ice water.

22 thoughts on “Social Disease

  1. …unless you’re having a really nice dream.

    Seriously though, whatever dark period you’re going through right now, I hope you feel better, or at least slightly less shitty, soon. Remember what Bender Bending Rodriquez always says: “Kill all humans!”


    • Thanks my friend. While I’ve certainly had my dreams about curing Mother Earth’s “little problem,” they definitely weren’t so funny!

      But I must say the alternative just isn’t working for me:


  2. Nobody has ever figured out the meaning of life, Izaak, but I can tell you what I think so far. It is not one of the epic concepts, but rather simply the mundane details of life, the changing seasons, bacon and eggs for breakfast, and the ebb and flow of human interaction. Watch Abbot and Costello debate “Who’s on First?”. Why should it be any more complicated than that?

    Stay in touch – you are a valued mind.


  3. …just to add my good wishes. I sincerely hope things look better soon. Maybe you could write about it more (and maybe not, if that’s not your shtick), but you write so well and seem so honest about yourself… (even that throwaway phrase above “home to the bone” says so much. And that thing you said a while back about the irony of finding yourself in a psychiatric ward because of your inability to stop crying in public has stayed with me.)

    Sorry, I know we are complete strangers, but I do genuinely wish you well (and genuinely admire your honesty and writing skills).


  4. Thank you so much for posting that Elton John song – don’t think I’ve heard it since highschool. I sang right along with the video (mostly in pitch). When I used to have those dark, angry depressions, I, to, believed the earth would be better without all the humans. Still do, in fact. I’m contributing some to the planets destruction also, using gas, heat energy, plastic, suds, etc.

    But I take comfort in knowing the earth has been solving its own problems for the past 4 billion years or so, and will solve the problem of us, should we continue to become an even worse blight. We’ll go the way of the dinosaurs. If innocent species have been decimated, why not us? We are, in fact, todays dinosaurs, not physically as huge, but if you consider all of the planetary resources a single person uses each day, and the waste produced by each of us, well, that makes us much huger than our physical structure. And we will be dealt with one day. I’m only obligated to reduce my carbon footprint, not be stupidly greedy, and try not to kill anyone. Although living in a tiny jail cell would be a more efficient use of resources. Still, I am certain I wouldn’t enjoy it.


  5. As you know, I haven’t been around much due to a work project. So, this post caused me to stand back a bit … even thinking not to comment. But hey – yes, we humans are a pain in the butt – but some of us also have a perspective that is the positive aspect of humanity. Cheers to Jim’s words above. Put a different way – I had a great weekend as three key things happened – I woke up Saturday, Sunday, and Monday …. all of which are better than the alternative. So it’s all downhill from there. Hang in there … and the balloon comic is a hoot!


  6. I think that is I got one of those suprise balloons, I would be quite blue after blowing it up. 🙂

    Hope this makes you feel better.


  7. I’m sorry to hear things are not going well – I hope you feel better soon. What I love about you – you made me laugh with this – when I got to the balloons I almost peed myself. For a 53 year old with a weak bladder that is no laughing matter – I ran like the wind with the DFT (demented fox terrier) snapping very loudly as I tried to close the loo door. She has issues with being left alone – I know – we all have them though. So I only just made it to the seat in time. And I was still laughing about the guy blowing up the balloon…


  8. “What smells like blue?” Loved that.

    Unfortunately, I can completely relate to your mental state, and this post was pitch perfect for me. I’m not entirely certain that I like people. I mean, there are people who I love tremendously, would die for, but for the most part, I could live by myself with my dogs. It’s the essence of being a curmudgeon.

    Take care.


  9. Hi Izaak…loved some of those cartoons.. And having once upon a time been in the doldrums well it was more like a Pit I know in some ways how you may be feeling.. All I can say is…. one day at a time … and as to Mother Earth and her problems.. Well now,She will sort them out,… And us…
    Wishing you a Great Sunday…. And thanks for making me laugh today!… Laughter really is the very best medicine.. And to make some one laugh is a gift.. Keep using it my friend …


  10. haha, I gotta admit some Elton always makes sense…been away for one weeks now from blogging and computer and mate, it felt good… am so planning a holiday towards yr way and then we will party on my friend without elton or not elton. 🙂


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