Gifs That Show How Things Are Made

Those of you who liked my Gifs That Show How Things Work post might just like these images too. I’ve selected them from Twisted Sifter’s How It’s Made: The GIF Edition post. Aren’t they just fascinating! 😀

1. Making Ice Cream Sandwiches


2. Making Chains


3. Moving a Highway Barrier for Rush Hour Traffic


5. Making Macaroni Noodles


6. Industrial Pencil Sharpening


7. Making Springs


8. Field Marshmallows aka Bundling Hay


9. Making Delicious Hot Dogs



11. Tying a Pretzel


12. Making a Chain Link Fence


14. Twisting Wrought Iron


15. Making Stop Motion Animations (Behind the scenes of Coraline)


Check them all out at How It’s Made: The GIF Edition on Twisted Sifter

I want ice water.

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14 thoughts on “Gifs That Show How Things Are Made

  1. #3 is what was proposed at one point to solve the problem of weekend ski traffic between Denver and the mountain ski areas along I-70 (looks like rush hour in any big city). Why didn’t it work? Because that nifty “zipper” vehicle can’t function in heavy snow.

    #1 reminds me of my “freshman 15.” There was a vending machine in my dorm that sold ice cream sandwiches. Heavenly! I still have a huge weakness for those things.


    • Oh don’t get me started on the ice cream sandwiches PT. I’m sure I’d be dead inside a week if one of those vending machines was installed in my building! 😳

      That “zipper” vehicle really is a neat contraption. Too bad it didn’t work out. Speaking of I-70, it runs through Columbus too, something I always noted on my trips to Denver. I’m probably not remembering it correctly, but I swear there were taxiways that crossed the freeway I took to the airport the last time I left! 🙄


      • You remember correctly if it was 1995 or before. The now-defunct Stapleton International Airport had a major runway that crossed over I-70. (Or one might say the highway tunneled under the pre-existing runway.) I remember when I first learned about it, driving west on I-70 at 70 or 80 mph and suddenly there’s a jetliner crossing directly in front of me at what seemed to be eye level. One doesn’t forget moments like that! Both Stapleton and the former adjoining Lowry AFB have been (re)developed into suburban areas with condos, shops, office buildings, etc.


        • You know, I called up a Google Map for the area while I was typing my response PT, and the fact that the airport wasn’t anywhere near I-70 as I remembered it had me a little concerned that my memory was worse than I’d thought. Yes, it was most definitely before 1995, and your description of a jetliner crossing directly in front of you matched the experience I remember pretty much to a tee! 😀


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