Cellular Sculptures and Flying Cars!

Here’s today’s massive dose of cool from the awesome Visual News blog! 😀

Germs never looked so clean-cut until they met artist Charles Clary. A painter and papercrafting artist originally from Tennessee, Clary uses an Xacto knife to dissect hundreds of colorful sheets, which he stacks to create beautiful molecular reliefs. Resembling delicate microbial colonies that contaminate the walls they touch–while simultaneously evoking sound waves, fractals, and topographical landscapes–his works transform simple two-dimensional surfaces into pulsing, surreal structures.

With the artist working up to 12 hours per day on a new piece, Clary’s painstaking process reflects the intricacy and complexity of organic forms. Taking cellular organization to new levels, his exquisite work is nothing but infectious.

See more of Clary’s papercrafts on his website.

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It’s official: the future is here. You might remember a few weeks ago when I asked “Where’s my flying car?!” I detailed many of the past and present designs that have tried to take the automobile skyward, but I missed one example that has just made its first flight – and it’s a seriously stunning machine!

This new roadable aircraft is called the Aeromobil. As the slick video shows below, the vehicle can park in a standard car-sized parking space, and after you drive it to the airport just the push of a button unfolds the wings. That’s far easier than the designs of the past, and employs far simpler mechanics than other flying cars being proposed today.

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Photos Copyright by Aeromobil.com and Their Licensed Photographer

I want ice water.

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