My 2009 Recap

First of all, this post is meant to recap the last year only. I know that lots of people are doing “end of the decade” posts, but 2009 is not the the last year of the decade. Blocks of time, like decades, centuries, and millennia, end with numbers ending with 0 and start with numbers ending with 1. In all honesty, the perfectionist in me wishes this were not so, but since the calendars we use were apparently not created by mathematicians, those who did create them failed to include a year 0! If you start a calendar with year 1, you are then forced to start the next decade with year 11! The confusion over this simple fact annoys me to no end. πŸ™‚

If this were an “end of the decade” post, however, I could point out that, although the decade started with a horribly successful terrorist attack (using the method of counting decades that most people use), and ended with a pitifully failed terrorist attempt (using the calendar-correct method of counting decades), the government agencies responsible for protecting us from these nut jobs have managed to look like some bizarre parody of The Keystone Cops for the entire decade. I’m just glad that my way of counting decades gives me another whole year to prepare my “end of the decade” post. πŸ˜‰

Anyway… My 2009 has definitely had it’s ups and downs, but compared to the 20 or so years leading up to it, it’s actually been pretty good. It’s almost 2 years since I took myself out of the crazy life I was into, and I feel almost like an “upstanding” citizen now. The isolation has been very difficult at times, but since that has to do with so much more than my old life, I haven’t allowed it to lead me too far astray. Besides, my youngest son has been living with me for the past few months and, although he can sometimes seem just as alien to me as “them out there,” his presence provides me with just enough human contact to stave off the “desperate” level of loneliness. 😳

Speaking of my son, he’s doing well after recovering from the incident I mentioned in The Health Care Quagmire. But he still feels a lot of rage towards the culprits involved, and I fear what he might do if he ever found out who that was. I’ve advised to think seriously before acting. I can only hope that he does. By the way, with the help of a friend who just happens to work for a big hospital, he managed to get most of his medical needs taken care of with almost no cost. And speaking of relatives with troubles, I heard that my nephew has turned himself in to the authorities and confessed to murdering his girlfriend (Nightmares and Murder). It looks like he’s going to be doing some serious, and well deserved, hard time. 😐

I’ve done a much better job of staying on top of my mental and physical health problems. I’ve been taking my meds as prescribed, and now have a much better (if not perfect) attendance record as far as appointments are concerned. Making it to those appointments have actually been welcome excuses to go “out there” more often, but I have to admit that coming home afterwards is still just as much a welcome relief as before. I must also admit that I haven’t exactly lived up to the promises I made about finding more “excuses” to go outside. πŸ™„

But I have made some efforts to gain something like a social life, by way of the Internet and it’s various “Social Networking” sites. Unfortunately, my experiences there haven’t been exactly what I expected. I’ve yet to find anything that appeals to me on more than a painfully superficial level, and for the most part, they’ve turned out to be big wastes of time. But they’ve been great opportunities for Internet businesses to throw tons of advertisements my way. OMG! I sometimes think that they’re deliberately screwing with me with all those “Young Girls Want Older Men” ads! They throw so many trashy ads at me that my old hunk-o-junk PC actually bogs down, preventing me from even enjoying the on-line games! 😑

Thank goodness for my cable TV and the DVR it comes with! By far, I spent most of my time in 2009 watching (and talking to, or yelling at) my TV. There is just so much to distract myself with on TV, and all those channels, in combination with the DVR, means that I almost never have to watch a damned commercial! There are even a few shows that I never want to miss. Not to mention all the sports programming. To tell the truth, a lot of my writing is inspired by stuff I see on TV, especially my rants. If nothing else, TV is great for inspiring rants, and it’s done a bang-up job of that in 2009! This is especially true for those damned cable news shows! πŸ˜•

I have to admit that, though the idea for a post might might have been inspired by something I saw on TV, the actual post can sometimes end up appearing to be completely unrelated to the show itself. Actually, that’s true for just about every post I’ve written! You’d be amazed at the number of half-done posts I have laying around that were never finished because, in the end, I just couldn’t pull all the strings together. I think, for me, this is because each writing project becomes it’s own little journey down the “Yellow Brick Road” of “cosmic philosophical interconnections.” I swear that sometimes it’s a small miracle that I get any projects finished at all! πŸ™„

By far though, the thing that has had the greatest impact on my life in 2009 is the time I’ve spent working on this blog. The “soap box” for venting that it’s provided is one of the greatest experiences I’ve ever had. And the almost infinite ways that I can use code to “tinker” with the appearance of my posts, and of the blog as a whole, is just the kind of thing to feed that “perfectionist maniac” that resides in my soul! While I might have had a fair idea of what I wanted to say when I started this blog, a look at the early posts from any of the Contents sub-pages will show that I knew next to nothing about blog post presentation at that time. And I still have so much to learn! πŸ˜›

For the most part, it’s this old hunk-o-junk PC that has held me back. Hell, this thing even bogs down sometimes when I’m trying to read WordPress blogs! But considering that it came to me by way of a charity organization, it’s hard to complain. Also, there’s no way to really know what I’m missing until I have the actual capacity to do more. My son Josh, who I talked about in Twisted Memories, is the one who handles my finances for me. He keeps promising that we will go soon to put a new one on his credit card, which I can then pay back over time. But his life is so full with his new job, home, and family (including a brand new baby) that he’s having trouble making the time. So I’m just chomping at the bit, impatiently waiting for that day to come! 😈

There is just so much I want to learn, and so much I want to see, on and about the Internet, that having to crawl along at a snail’s pace makes me yell at my PC almost as much as the TV! I think I might just go nuts when I get it’s replacement, when all this pent up anticipation is finally unleashed. So here’s fair warning to the world for 2010: You’d better watch out!. Because…

I’ll still be wanting lots of ice water.

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