I Need Stress Relief – Now!

I received the very disturbing news this morning that my ex-wife had to be hospitalized last night after suffering a mild heart attack. Those of you who’ve followed this blog for awhile, and particularly those who’ve read my 42, 39, 17, 10, and 4 post, will know that I still have very deep and powerful feelings for her and can perhaps understand why this news has really sent me into an emotional tailspin.

Worst of all is that I can’t even decide what, if anything, I should do. My conscience is screaming that I should reach out, but I’m afraid that I’ll break down on the phone and only add to her misery. And there is her new husband to consider as well. I have no idea what he knows of my emotional problems, and without a deeper understanding of them he could well interpret my breaking down over this in the wrong way entirely…

Anyway, over this past weekend, while I was “fixing” that awful “drop down” list for my posts with music on my Menu Bar, I discovered a “link to nowhere” for the artist Bruno Mars. After doing a little searching around, I discovered that I’d never gotten around to publishing my reblog of Keep It Simple Saturday from over at The She Chronicles. So my intent, before getting this morning’s bad news, was to go ahead and publish it today.

In light of that news, and as hard as it is to see anything “funny” about it, I do find it strangely appropriate that the message in “The Lazy Song” fits so well with my thinking that I should relax and get myself as “composed” as possible before making that phone call. And the monkey masks the other guys in the video are clowning around in really are excellent metaphors for the kind of misunderstandings I really, REALLY want to avoid.

But then even more “strangeness” happened when I went to the YouTube page to grab the link. I “rediscovered” another video for “The Lazy Song” that fits with my own situation even better than the “official” version. Oddly enough, it’s a version that I know I’ve posted before – even though I couldn’t find the post itself, either with a search or by using the “Bruno Mars” link on my new “Music for this Blog” page. Weird, huh?

At any rate, I’ve decided to go with that version instead. I think you’ll understand why when you watch it (assuming you stay past the annoying ad at the beginning!). 😀

Wouldn’t you know it? Just as I was about to publish this post, I decided to try the “Bruno Mars” link at the bottom of the post just to see what would happen – and the damned thing actually brought up my original post: Video-ography: “Day in the Life of Bob” (via Striking Thoughts) (via Erotixx photoblog)! After looking at it again, I realized that I did that post (“a reblog of a reblog” no less) because even then I saw my own personality reflected so incredibly well in that video! 😀

BTW, it turns out that WordPress screwed up when it originally created the link for that category – but returned it in the form it should have used when I added it to my “drop down” list. I tried deleting and the re-adding it to force WP to generate a “corrected” version but it did the same thing again. So I just “corrected” the one on my new page to “force” it to work instead. 🙄

I want ice water.

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23 thoughts on “I Need Stress Relief – Now!

  1. Looking forward to checking out the videos later on.
    No idea what to say about you sending a message to the ex.
    I’d ask if you can get yourself to rational thought for a moment and ask
    -Will it help her more than hurt her?
    -Is any blowback from her new husband worth incurring?

    And of course, if you decide to go forward with it, hey, the internet is here to support you!


    • Advice El G, and it’s good to know you guys have my back. One question that I have to ask myself as well is what happens to my relationship with my kids if I don’t show support for their mom? They are the ones that called me this morning after all… 😕


      • Oh, if that’s the case, you can ask after her, and pass along messages of well being through your kids – “Dad said he hopes you’re feeling better, and to let him know if you need anything”.
        There’s no direct contact to trip you up, but the sincerity and support are there…


  2. Sorry to hear about your ex.

    I watched the video without reading your post, and thought, WTF? It’s just some old dude. Then I took a closer look, and I was like… Nimoy?! WTF? Nah… it can’t be. Then the bit with the price line dude and the vulcan hand sign, and there was no doubt. Awesome.


  3. if you think you can control yourself, go for it… but if you do think that you might lose it slightly on the phone, I would wait until she gets out. Whatever you decide, we will be here…


  4. Man, this is a tough one! I like Guap’s idea of speaking through the children…. did that go well?
    So sorry you feel this way, my friend- You are a good guy for caring so much! I hope she gets well soon!


    • Thanks Ginger. No, I haven’t heard anything since this morning. I almost broke down and made the call several times though. Fortunately, it’s after 10pm now and my silly brain won’t let me intrude at such a late hour. I’ll check with my kids again tomorrow.

      You know, I was about to say you should read the post I linked to at the top before calling me a good guy, but I checked and found that you’d actually read and commented on it back when I posted it. Wow!


  5. Sorry I missed this post yesterday IzaakMak. I’m feeling for you. You know what, I think you should just cut and paste part of this post and email it to her. You have said it all right here. Another big hug heading your way.


  6. I’m sorry to come in so late. Way behind on my email. You know I’ve got your back no matter what you do. I can’t imagine that sincere get well wishes wouldn’t be taken as just that and nothing more. How you express them just depends on what you feel comfortable doing.


    • Thanks you so much PT! I’m actually glad you came late, as it allows me to say here what I didn’t want to do a whole post to say. I still haven’t called my ex directly, but my son told me this morning that the doctors are now thinking it wasn’t a heart attack after all (hence my much improved mood). They’re still not sure exactly what it was but, since she’d been feeling unwell for over a week leading up to her trip to the emergency room, they’re gonna do a whole battery of tests to try to get some answers. 🙂


  7. I am just catching up from a terrible week. I am glad she is better and thus you are in an easier frame of mind as well. My personal feeling, let her know you hope she is well if you have a chance.

    Odd video, btw.


    • Thanks Valentine. We tried the “let’s remain friends” thing for quite awhile after she remarried, but I pulled away from it because of how much our conversations stressed me and a suspicion that her new hubby didn’t like it. When it didn’t seem to bother her, I decided that either I was right about the hubby or she was more sensitive to my plight than I’d given her credit for. Either way, talking to her directly would be a hard undertaking.

      But my son assures me that he’s passed along my concern and best wishes! 😀


  8. Sorry to hear about your Ex Wife IzaakMak, and hope she is convalescing well, and Im pleased your Sons passed on your good will message.. I know this must have been a difficult time… Sending you all my healing thoughts ~Sue


  9. I remember that Nimoy video. Love it. A classic.

    Sorry I wasn’t around when this first happened. I think that delaying a bit, which allowed you to find out more information, was probably the right thing to do. But remember, regardless of her current husband, letting an individual from your life (past or present) know that you care about what happens to them is never wrong.


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