Those “Other” Memories…

After all the nice comments on yesterday’s Happy Memorial Day! post, I’d like to now post a bit of what didn’t seem appropriate to include then. Most importantly though, I feel compelled to provide some explanation for why I find it so hard to accept praise for my military service. So be forewarned that I’ll be providing a link back to a much earlier post.

Oh yeah, that’s me – Airman Mak, circa mid 1970’s – back when I was still naive enough to think that it was proper for my country to be the world’s “freedom enforcer.” Filled to the brim with a love of military hardware (especially planes), and pride for my country’s great accomplishments (mostly in the space program), an image like this would’ve seemed so appropriate to me:

Even after the eye-opening, and very humiliating, experience of My International Incident, I still believed that my country acted as a force for good in this world.

But I’ve learned a lot since then, much of it directly from the mouths of actual combat veterans whose struggle continues on in the VA hospitals I’ve been in.

These days, I’m a bit more pessimistic about what my country actually stands for.

I can’t even begin to say how much it pains me to agree with what he says here, but then again, his willingness to speak the harsh and honest truth is why George Carlin will always be one of my greatest heroes:

I want ice water.

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24 thoughts on “Those “Other” Memories…

  1. Great content! George Carlin Was emaculate! (R.I.P.). As a victim of this unjust system, i lost my job, my home and i’m 46 years old suffering from rheumatoid arthritis. So i am very depressed, cause i done nothing wrong at all! and the government didn’t do a damn thing to get me my job back! Didn’t do a damn thing to put a roof back over my head! NOTHING! Meanwhile, AIG the bank that helped cause this crysis got $173 billion! Let’s see 2.6 million lost their jobs (maybe more) let’s divide that amongst those who lost their jobs at no wrong doing of theirs, if correct, we would get $66,538.46 per family.

    That would have helped me out greatly! I could get some inexpensive transportation, paid off my debt, invest a little and save some. But this is no fluke, that’s the way it’s always been! They tell you one thing but look at who really ends up benifitting, and look at how they beat around the bush when they do owe you reperations, African Americans never got their fourty acres and a mule, and they will never get it waiting for this government or any other. This is why African Americans (most Americans actually) need to network more, pool their resources and work together toward job security, owning their homes and having a sincere understanding of the importants of a good education and the overall power of knowledge. I’ll leave you with that rant and rage cause i could go on and write a book about the corruption and enjusice that plagues this could be, would be, should be great nation, cause America is failing and falling and those of us who can need to do something to save her if it’s not already too late! :-).


  2. Bless your heart. You were so young. Can’t wrap my hand around all the wrong stuff. I wish there was something I could do for vets … if you know of anything, let me know.


  3. it’s a shame that a country can let so many people down but unfortunaly thats politics nasty face creeping up and kinda screws with the people who do trust in system… but thats not just USA but everywhere, you have the lovely politicians telling you that we have to pay more taxes to save the economy and then a week later they get caught tax evading themself (our lovely UK financial minister got caught last week, bloody amazing.)

    One thing I do feel sorry for is the vets of your country, don’t think the US system has ever really taken care of them from what I can read and see on the blogs around the net.

    Love George Carlin video, such a great man…


  4. As an Airman your opinion carries a lot of weight with me. Though I was only a dogface – heck, I still am, only in a literal sense!

    So what is that Rushmore image supposed to be saying? I admit. I don’t get it. Is it going to save those stranded Americans? Is that what’s going on there?

    I like the condom image. I’m proud we have a volunteer force but I oppose policies like stop loss, DADT, and I don’t think we do enough for our heroic veterans who saw combat and/or were wounded. (I’m a peacetime baby so I don’t count and I’m fine with that.) I’d support every combat veteran receiving the same health benefits as Congress, and for the rest of their lives. That would be “thanks” with real meaning. Don’t tell me we can’t afford it. We have to afford it.



    • If you read the older post, you’ll discover that I was an Airman that missed out on making Sergeant TWICE. As for the Rushmore image, I never really paid much attention to the folks on the hill. Your guess about them is as good as any I might come up with. I just thought of the image as a metaphor for American principles on the march, instilling fear into the hearts of all the world’s would-be tyrants. πŸ™„

      I’ve often thought that everyone getting paid by the government should be part of the same huge health-care pool. Ideally, having the most powerful people in the country should scare the insurance companies into providing the best coverage at the best rates. But then again, when have our leaders actually made an effort to contain costs! πŸ™„


  5. ‘The Germans—Only because they were cutting in on our action’—So funny…

    I previously worked at a veterans’ home for a year and it gave me some real perspective on the military and the folks who serve in it. A perspective I hadn’t really had up until that point…

    Listening to men talk about being in WWII as 17 year-old kids made me realize how much of a pansy I was growing up…

    Thanks Ice-Man πŸ™‚


    • Carlin was the man! πŸ˜€

      Good job doing the stint at the veteran’s home. I lived in a VA “group home” for the better part of three years. The number of vets who can’t live on their own, either permanently or temporarily, is growing every day. The current system is not set up to handle this growth, so more and more volunteers will be needed as time goes on. 😐


  6. Its really a disgrace what our country does to our soldiers… We just don’t do enough to help our veterans and soldiers… On a side note I do like that picture of you!


    • That image is roughly 36 years old, and I hated the short hair! But at the time having short hair seemed a small price to pay for such a big chance to do something meaningful with my life. πŸ˜€


  7. I love the faces of America turning into complete monsters, I would know why you un-subscribed. It used to be boring there. Now, I post everyday. πŸ˜›


    • That image is so cool! 😎

      Oh man, I had subscribed to so many blogs that my inbox had seriously become a frightening thing to look at. Just this past weekend, when I saw that the count of unread messages was approaching 1000, I decided that I had to do something. Even after deleting the older 900 or so, I knew that it would get out of control again if I didn’t start unsubscribing from some blogs.

      I hated to do it, but having new post announcements sitting there that I didn’t have time to read was just getting too depressing for me. The only thing I had to go on as for who to cut and who not to cut were the comment exchanges on our blogs. As this is the first comment from you in quite a while, I guess I thought you weren’t coming by any more. So… 😐

      I sure don’t want to disconnect from anyone willing to exchange with me, so I’m going to re-subscribe! By the way, how did you even know I’d unsubscribed in the first place. πŸ˜•


    • I think it’s cool too! I wish I could draw like that. You can say so much with an image, that would take way too many words to say otherwise. 😎

      Did you know that you can associate your username to your blog by the Users >> Personal Settings >> Website entry on your WordPress dashboard? It’ll be much easier for people to link back to you when you make comments, and it will keep me from having to approve every comment you make as well. Of course you have to be logged in at the time for it to work. Just a suggestion. πŸ˜€


      • Sorry, didnt see your reply until now. Good suggestion, I’ll definitely try that.
        Not much going on on my blog currently though. Real life has caught up with me again, juggling too many things… so I didn’t have time to write anything. And hardly had the time to read other people’s stuff. In preparation to a new job the new boss even gave me stuff to read as ‘homework’ ! (It’s like college all over again. Maybe I should take up skipping classes and smoking weed again too.)


  8. You’re graphics never cease to awe me man!
    Hey Mak. My subscription to Icewater and most of WP blogs just dead stopped so
    I’ll try to subscribe again ok?


  9. Speaking of history and our berated veterans(some anyway), and being a history buff since about 15, my senior year high school history teacher was a vet and had gone across No. Africa in 1943. Talk about a ‘first hand’ history lesson !


  10. Love the photo………..
    My……..How you have changed.
    Much more handsome………. now.
    The years have been good to you in some ways.


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