Isn’t Life Strange?

Because of my desire to watch the ongoing Australian Open tennis tournament, and the residual fear of being bug-bit while I slept, I’d been avoiding taking my prescribed sleeping meds. But I was hurting so bad last night (from built up tension?) that I decided my body really, really needed the rest. Besides, the Women’s Final between Victoria Azarenka and Maria Sharapova promised to be such a scream-fest that I thought it best to just record it for viewing some time today.

Anyway… the night that followed included one of the most interesting dream sequences I’ve had in a very long time. First of all, those who have followed this blog will know how much I love to sing and how being a professional singer has always been one of my greatest fantasies. Secondly, those who have followed this blog will also know that the posts I’ve written about dreams tend to include the music of The Moody Blues and/or Justin Hayward & John Lodge (The Moody Blues lead singers).

Well, last night’s dream(s) started with an agent overhearing me singing The Moody Blues’ Melancholy Man (from A Question of Balance) and went on to include my singing, on stage, too many of my favorite songs to remember…

I remember waking up at one point, overwhelmed with excitement, and immediately decided to go back to sleep in the hopes that there would be more. And there was so much more, concluding with Nights in White Satin and Isn’t Life Strange

To me, the amazing thing about these dreams was the fact that I could sing all those wonderful songs without breaking down emotionally and having to stop. I can’t remember a time when I could do that in my waking life – including today, as I sorted through the songs I wanted to include in this post.

But performing them as I’ve always wanted, in my dreams at least, sure was nice… 🙂

I want ice water.

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11 thoughts on “Isn’t Life Strange?

  1. Our Dreams tell us so very much.. These are very interesting Times we are in right now IzaakMak and many I speak to are now experiencing more vivid dreams then ever before…
    ALL things are possible and Im always going on about the ‘Secret’ and ‘Thoughts Create.’. 🙂 what gives all of these power is to know, what we think we create.. and as we think we need to think them in the present tense.. as if they are already here…
    You are already a Great performing artist singing to your hearts content -the public just need to rediscover your excellent talents.. And then the stage is set… Faith is all that needs to strengthen..
    I love ALL of these songs by the way… and small steps lead to BIG steps! 🙂 then we take a Leap of Faith.. 🙂


    • The Moody Blues music really appeals to my mystical side Raven. A part of me that simply refuses to be silenced despite all my efforts. “The Grim Reaper said…” is such an irresistible title – I’m gonna have to check that one out ASAP! 😀


    • An “On Demand” button would be great PT! The closest I’ve come were the directed hallucinations I achieved back in my acid days (hardly to be recommended!), and the occasional “lucid dream” – which I’ve been able to direct ONLY after I was fortunate enough to stumble into one!

      I hear the GOV. has allowed limited research into using hallucinogens in psychiatric therapy to resume. Makes me wish, again, that I’d gone into that arena in college. Of course, I might make a good study candidate as well! 😆


  2. Saw Roger Waters last night. The dude friggin lip syncs 😯
    Blahahah, the Australian tennis. They were discussing Azarenka’s annoying screech on talkback radio yesterday and several listeners said they had to turn the volume down on their TV because they couldn’t stand her grunting, then one person rang in to say he turns the picture off and just listens to her grunting because it was better than porn LOL!!!


    • Funny, I was thinking the recording of the match sounded a lot like to hot chicks getting it on. Maybe I should’ve turned the picture off too! 😀

      Roger Waters lip syncing? Say it ain’t so! Then again, I did always like the way their live performances sounded so much like the records… 😯


  3. I love The Moody Blues. My favorite artist, Shawn Phillips, was their opening act at one time. If you like them, give him a try. There’s a few songs at my humble blog.

    Yes. Life is strange.
    I used to be on drugs. Now I’m on medication.


    • Funny, my doctors treat me like a heretic because I tend to trust my self-medication choices more than I do theirs! 😆

      I did a quick sampling of Shawn Phillips stuff on YouTube… Very Nice. I’ll have to come ’round to see what your favorites are! 😀


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