I’ve Got Worries, Worries On My Mind!

I’ve got worries, worries on my mind, Lord.
Ever since you left me, baby, I’ve got peace of mind.
Now she’s gone, Lord, I’ve got ramblin’ on my mind.

Marshall Tucker Band – “Ramblin”

In times like these, with so many of us struggling to make ends meet, those of us living on “fixed” incomes without the means to supplement it are particularly vulnerable. With all the budgetary “juggling” required to pay the bills (usually “past due” amounts only) and extremely judicious shopping to keep food in the house, all that additional stress only adds to the conditions that placed one in the “fixed income” in the first place. And, as the stress builds up, like some psychological “gas leak” in the head, you reach a point where all it takes is that one little thing, and then…


Via Camper x Gas x Spark = Explosion

Now I can live with forgoing little “fantasy” purchases like these…

Images via Infectious Disease Balls,
Tony Stark Light-Up LED Iron Man 3 Shirt,
The Final Frontier: Going where no cookie has gone before,
and Decorated Nerd T-Shirt

And I accepted, long ago, that “major geek” toys like this one are completely out of the question…

Via That’s not Fair: A Rock/Paper/Scissors Robot With a 100% Win Rate

But I’ve been dealing with a new situation for the past few months that’s now threatening to bring my entire shaky financial “house of cards” crashing down on my head. You see, my son – the “payee” for my disability checks – forgot to fill out a little form last year. This resulted in my December check being sent to the local Social Security office instead of being directly deposited into the debit account he set up for me. Since my rent is automatically deducted from that account each month (usually on the same day the money is deposited), that caused me to have to “eat” well over $100 in bounced check and late payment fees that month.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, my son assumed that the direct deposit would be restarted automatically once that little “paperwork issue” was settled. Well that didn’t happen, and, since he hasn’t been able to return to the Social Security office to make it happen, I’ve been left to “sweat bullets” at the end of each month since then for fear that he wouldn’t make the physical deposit in time to prevent another disaster.

Now as luck would have it, my last 3 checks actually came early – once due to a miraculous Social Security error, and twice due to fortuitous “payday” / calendar alignments. But barring another “miracle,” my luck will finally run out next week and the stuff will really hit the fan. Because, in addition to the bounced check and late payment fees for my rent, I also won’t be able to pay the “past due” amount on my cable, phone, and internet bill – which will leave me having to pay the total bill, once my money has been deposited, to restore those services.

And I need those services to pay my other bills… But paying to restore those services will, of course, make it all but impossible to pay those other bills… If I want to eat for the month as well.

Which, I suspect. is why I keep hearing this song repeating in my head…

I want ice water.

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20 thoughts on “I’ve Got Worries, Worries On My Mind!

  1. OMG, the stress of worrying about something like that every month would have eaten me alive by now. I can’t stand letting any creditor have “automatic withdrawal” privileges from my account. I’m kind of a control freak about that. There are one or two, unfortunately, that wouldn’t settle for anything else. And of course, now that everything is electronic, if I ever have cable or computer problems, I won’t be able to pay the bills that I don’t know are due!


    • I tell ya PT, this situation is literally driving me nuts – as if I could get any nuttier! 🙄

      And, on top of all that, I realized a couple of hours ago that I haven’t received a new WP post notification from any of the blogs I follow – including yours – since yesterday afternoon! I’ve added my complaint to this surprisingly short thread about it on the Forums. If you’re having this problem too, then you might want to chime in as well…

      BTW, I see you actually published 3 posts yesterday. I’m so sorry I missed them, and I’ll try to get by as soon as I can relax enough to enjoy reading them…


        • Well, I don’t know about the DDoS thing, but WordPress actually erased all of my (and apparently only mine) email subscriptions! Check the Forum link I provided to see what I had to discover on my own, and to see just how little help WordPress has been. And that was before I started, but have yet to finish, resubscribing to the blogs I like! 😡


  2. Oh I am so sorry to hear about this IzaakMak. The last thing you need is this stress. I don’t know if you have it in US but in Australia you can get assitance from the government with a short time loan to pay bills. They will deduct very small amouints from your Social Seurity until it is paid.


    • Thank you so much for your concern Loon. There are a few assistance programs available that my income level qualifies me for. Unfortunately, they require that the bills I need help with be in my name. All of my bills, including the one for my apartment, are in my “payee” son’s name, and his income is too high to qualify. Since, technically, all my expenses are supposed to be handled by my payee, it made since at the time to have things set up this way. We just never thought that issues like these would arise…


    • Thanks Valentine. About the only good news so far is that I will be able to have my cable services restored by covering the past due amount. Of course, while those services are off, I’ll have no way of knowing what’s happened elsewhere to impact what I can afford…


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  4. There are no words. Money issues are just horrible. And what I hate most, is that so many of us are in the same boat. I know misery should love company, but I’d be happy to know a few of my friends were filthy rich or won the lottery or something. Plus, then I could hit them up for a 100K or something. Ha! Hey…I can dream!!!!!! (It’s about all I’ve got left some days…). Hope it gets settled soon Mak. I know you ain’t the praying type, but I’mma be praying on it for you! Hugs.


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  6. Seems to me that this happened before some time back…….maybe you should change payees….. just sayin…………this kind of stress can really do a number on you!! and you sure don’t deserve it.


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