Nothing Changes If Nothing Changes

Some of you might recognize the title to this post as one of those “sayings from the rooms” – as those in recovery from addiction(s) say, but I think it’s just as appropriate when we’re talking about the recovery of our political/economic system as well.

I was actually in bed and on my way to sleep when I saw this clip on CNN. I think Mr. Ventura is dead on. I just wish their site had made the entire interview available!

And while I’m at it, I’ll take the opportunity to post this clip from the other night too!

Nothing changes if nothing changes!

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. Those idiots in Washington are about to ruin the Internet for us too! I found SOPA – H.R.3261: Stop Online Piracy Act in Pied Type’s Congress is taking aim on our Internet post. Mozilla is also offering to help us FIGHT SOPA as well.

I want ice water.

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30 thoughts on “Nothing Changes If Nothing Changes

  1. I have to come back to listen to both clips but I just wanted to say that I’m shocked that hasnโ€™t released anything about SOPA like Mozilla and Tumblr have. I’m actually wondering what if anything they are trying to do to stop the SOPA, have you read anything?


    • I definitely haven’t seen anything from WordPress, but I wasn’t aware that Tumblr had posted about it either. Hopefully WordPress has something in the works. Did you check out the scary amounts of money being spent in support of the bill on the SOPA โ€“ H.R.3261: Stop Online Piracy Act link?

      BTW, the CNN clip of Jesse Ventura doesn’t show the entire interview, but they rerun those shows over the weekend if you want to look out for it. ๐Ÿ˜€


  2. What happened to democracy IzaakMak? Oh and please don’t get me started on the rape and pillage of the internet. Australia has already got the power to block sites “they” deem inappropriate. WhoTF are “they”. The only thing I agree the internet should block is child pornography but if they do it will just go underground and make it harder to stop!! Oh dear my head is spinning, I need to lie down and have a nap ๐Ÿ™‚


    • Oh Loon, my day “started” when I failed to turn the tube off before attempting to go to sleep. Even once I conked out from exhaustion I left the thing on. And the craziness just goes on and on and on… At least there are some games on now… to rile me up in a whole new way! ๐Ÿ™„


  3. I’ve never quite gotten over my amazement that Jesse Ventura actually has a few brain cells in his head. I agree with him and Paul regarding our wars and foreign policy. Domestically, our paths diverge.


    • I can’t say I’m in complete agreement with either Paul or Ventura, but I absolutely respect the way they both say exactly what they mean. I’ll take straight talkers like them over the usual “city slickers” and “used car salesmen” types any day of the week! ๐Ÿ˜€


  4. Obama has just been here to do a deal to set a new marine base in Australia Our Asia Pacific neighbors are furious, as it seems now that the US are pulling out of Afghanistan and Iraq, they are focusing their attention on China and Indonesia ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Scary. Ron Paul for President!!!


    • With all the pre-WWIII setup maneuvering going on with the US, China, and the European Union, Ron Paul might actually be the only candidate that could keep us out of it! ๐Ÿ˜ฏ


  5. In NZ we recently had something rushed through in to law – after the USA gave our government $500,000.00. It is a crazy law – about file sharing and goes after the little guy – will do nothing what so ever to stop the real piracy guys. The worst part is that you are GUILTY until YOU prove your innocence under the legislation.


  6. Hey IzaakMak, just toddled off to research Ron Paul .OK, I was really looking for skeletons in his closet but I did find this on Wiki ….

    ‘Paul spends time in the district to compensate for “violat[ing] almost every rule of political survival you can think of,”traveling more than 300 miles (480 km) daily to attend civic ceremonies for veterans, graduates, and Boy Scouts, often accompanied by his grandchildren. His staff helps senior citizens obtain free or low-cost prescription drugs through a little-known drug company program; procures lost or unreceived medals for war veterans, holding dozens of medal ceremonies annually; is known for its effectiveness in tracing Social Security checks; and sends out birthday and condolence cards.’

    WOW! I hope this is true and not some political spin doctoring!!!


    • You know Loon, I may not like Paul’s religious views or think he’s a particularly good public speaker (which you have to be to win), but we’re definitely on the same page when it comes to actual government policies. In fact, of those currently running – including the guy who already has the job, he’s the only one I can say that about! If you’re interested in reading from one who knows him even better, check out the I’m A Libertarian blog.


  7. Back in the day of my callow youth I was drawn to the rhetoric of the likes of Jesse Ventura and Ron Paul. It sounds noble, even brave, but what it really is is simplistic and based on flawed generalities.

    We are no longer a frontier society and we are not living in an episode of Gunsmoke where you can tell the good guys from the bad by the color of their hats. The issues are more complex than choosing between capitalism and communism. Many decades ago America embraced massive socialist programs called Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, but we did not have the courage or the political will to go all the way and fund them through progressive taxation. We thought we could have it both ways and it doesn’t work. The Medical Industrial Complex has exploited the system to the extent that we pay more than double what we ought to while some 40% of people decline to pay anything for health insurance. They opt out of paying their fair share and simply throw themselves on the mercy of the ER’s when they, inevitably, need the product.

    Jesse Ventura’s solution is no solution at all. The only solution I know is to elect politicians who understand that compromise by both sides is the way our system of government is intended to work, and who understand that fundamental reform of entitlement programs is necessary.


    • “Fundamental reforms” are necessary all around in my opinion Jim, but I can’t say I have high hopes for any kind of “compromise” arising from “opposing sides” that are both as wrong as two left feet.


          • Don’t get me started on Aliens versus Predator!

            Say what you will about him, The Body sure has his moments. I remember he also had a small but memorable role in an episode of The X-Files as a Man in Black. His partner was a man called Alex Trebek, who I am informed is a game show host. I can’t comment on his wrestling career, since that was before my time.


            • I’ve hated pro wrestling since I was kid and “Jesse The Body” was literally the poster child for how I felt. So you can imagine my surprise when I liked him in Predator, and I was absolutely stunned when I liked what he said as a politician! But then he started that “Conspiracy” show and my faith in him took another nose dive… Never could get into the X-Files though. I hate squinting to see in deliberately darkened scenes…


  8. The comment about 40 percent of the people not paying for medical insurance and throwing themselves on the mercy of ER’s really galls me. Forty percent of nothing is nothing, at least that’s what math taught me. Choosing between paying for health insurance and paying for food? That’s a choice? Choosing between paying for a place to live and health insurance? That’s a choice? Give me a frigging break. Until you’ve been there and had to make the choices that some of these people have had to make, don’t preach. And don’t generalize. Of course there are people who abuse the system; just look at Congress which does not pay for its healthcare, but we cannot judge all by the actions of some.


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