I’m Pickin Up Good Vibrations…

After yesterday’s disturbing discoveries, I thought I’d take this opportunity to show my appreciation for those who’s kind and comforting comments help make my night pass a lot easier than it might otherwise have…

Via Cracked Eggs – I Think That Might be Larry! @ PhotoBotos.com

And to let you all know that I am absolutely determined to bounce back…

And that I take great comfort from the examples set by others as well…

Via George Takei on Facebook

But right now, I’m just trying to mellow out and absorb the “good vibrations” that I know are out there. And I can think of no better symbol for that quest than this incredible gem I found after watching The Beach Boys: Doin’ It Again on the PBS concert series Front Row Center the other night:

BTW, there’s a video of this song with lyrics at The Beach Boys – GOOD VIBRATIONS (with lyrics on screen), as well as a really cool “extended version” at Good Vibrations (Long Version). You might want to check them out! 😀

I want ice water.

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12 thoughts on “I’m Pickin Up Good Vibrations…

  1. maybe this song will help me get out of my FUNK…I have been it it since Saturday evening around 6pm…….then .yesterday ( my birthday)was the worst from about 1pm till 8pm……letting my 69th birthday get the best of me……….this is a first for me……age was always “just a number”…….but this number reminded me that I am 365 days from hitting 70!!!!!…..I am somewhat better, but still can’t get myself going today….better get going tough..I have a Dr’s apt. @3:30……..LOL


    • Wow Rosie, I’m sorry to hear about the funk. I had wondered why it was taking so long for you to respond to my Happy Birthday wishes. But I have no doubt that you’ll bounce back because you are by far the most amazing and resilient woman I know. I don’t know if you’ve read the post this one is a follow up to but, when I finally got around to looking for inspiration to help me get past what happened, you were the very first person I thought of! 😀


    • Rosie, I hear ya! I turned 69 in April and you are sooo right. 69 is just another birthday, but 70 looms like the sword of Damocles. I can’t figure out how my 50-year-old personality found itself in this almost-septaugenarian body.


    • Oh I do too PT! I had actually planned to post the Beach Boys song late Sunday night, but discovering that my apartment had been broken into kind of spoiled the mood for that. I was in such a foul mood this morning that I might very well have even blown off posting anything today as well. But then Rosie brought my attention to Facebook, where I eventually stumbled across George Takei’s wonderful post. This post just kind of “snowballed” into place after that! 😀


  2. I’ve just read about your disturbing experience. No, rape is not the only way to feel violated. I was once robbed at gunpoint. And my car was once stolen. In both cases, I definitely felt disturbed–and violated.


    • I’ve spent a lot of time around a lot of crazy people and witnessing a lot of crazy stuff Scott. Many of those things still send shivers down my spine and cause me to have sleepless nights to this day. As shocking as so much of it was, what shocked me most was how little it seemed to shock the other people around me. Of course, I guess their crazy behavior could’ve been their reaction to it… 😕


  3. The bus story s great…. but for some reason , the pic of the eggs wondering if the sunny side might be Larry made me soooo sad .T.T But that’s a great one,too ! I love the expression on their faces.


    • Thanks. Like I said to PiedType above, the bus story is what inspired me to go ahead and post something, but I included the image with the eggs out of the relief from knowing what could have happened! 😯


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