Welcome To The New Age!

I’m waking up

I feel it in my bones
Enough to make my systems blow

Welcome to the new age, to the new age
Welcome to the new age

Radioactive Lyrics

Okay, I know it’ll come as no big surprise to any of my readers that I occasionally become enamored of some song or other I heard on TV and decided that I just had to search out a copy to post on this blog. But the last time a song search led to anything like the world of crazy I found last night was after hearing “Sail” by AWOLNATION playing in an episode of A&E’s Longmire. That, of course, resulted in my SAIL! post.

Well, this time my search resulted not from hearing a song in one TV series episode, but from gearing it in several TV series episodes – and in commercials for just about everything, including video games! Of course, all I had to work with was the one line from the lyrics I could actually catch, which I’ve decided to use a the title to this post. But that was all I needed to find the song Radioactive by Imagine Dragons.

As it turns out, the song is such a big hit that the list of YouTube videos made from it seemed to go on and on forever. But my favorite version by far, was the little mini-movie put together by the band themselves, featuring, believe it or not, one of the stars of Longmire – Lou Diamond Phillips:

Via ImagineDragonsVEVO’s channel on YouTube,
Where you can also find Radioactive (The Making Of)

Hell, this song is so popular that even Lindsey Stirling, the awesome violinist that I featured in my Update – Crystallize post, decided to get together with her friends from Pentatonix to do their own very cool cover version:

Via Lindsey Stirling on YouTube

Now lest anyone think I’ve gone all soft and mushy, I’m still cynical enough to see that, in a world where almost everything, and everyone, has become a medium for advertising manipulation, the “Welcome To The New Age” refrain could just as well read “Welcome to the Machine”…

Welcome my son, welcome to the machine.
What did you dream?
It’s alright we told you what to dream.

Pink Floyd Lyrics

But, for the moment at least, I prefer to just enjoy the sound. And I’m sure that I’ll achieve a happy medium where I can express my cynicism while still having a good time with it eventually. After all, I achieved just such a “happy place” when I mentally changed the refrain to that AWOLNATION song during last year’s presidential campaign:



Big Yucks

BTW guys, the new season of Longmire begins on Memorial Day – May 27th! 😀

I want ice water.

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13 thoughts on “Welcome To The New Age!

  1. My kids turned me on to this song many months ago. Go figure. I did buy it. I like it. What can I say? I refuse to be completely isolated from my culture. Well… maybe tomorrow. But my kids will remind me.


  2. loved the first video .Everybody alway likes to see the bad guy …get it in the end!
    BTW.how did you know I finally blogged something….I couldn’t even find it …. after I published it.
    Of course I don’t know what I am doing and yes I pressed publish twice..LOL..did not know if it took!


    • Thanks Rosie! 😀

      I got an email from WordPress when you published your post because I’m a subscriber (a “follower”). Also, because I like to see what they send out when I publish a new post, I’m subscribed to my own blog as well. Maybe you should “follow” your own blog too! 😀


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