19 thoughts on “Samoa – To The Future And Beyond!

  1. In the first report I saw about this, someone asked what would happen to the salaries and wages people were supposed to have earned on that skipped Friday. Like them, I’ve always had trouble grasping the idea that an imaginary line in the middle of the ocean marks the loss or gain of an entire day. I have more than enough trouble adjusting to the daylight savings nonsense.

    As for changing the driving from right to left — imagine all the drivers suddenly finding their cars mismatched to the driving rules. Changing the rules didn’t magically give everyone a new car with the steering wheel on the left — er, right? — side.


    • I saw something on the tube about similar shenanigans having played a role in daylights savings demarcation lines too. And there’s a really cool show called How The States Got Their Shapes on The History Channel that’s all about the insane politics behind how state borders were drawn up.

      Can you imagine trying the driving lane change here? It’d be about as “successful” as our transition to the metric system! πŸ˜€


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  3. Great Post IzaakMak… and My daugher told me about this on the 30th….Makes you wonder !!… Somoa is a Nation to itself …. And no doubt will keep make up the rules as it goes along…. As do many of our Nations, but this one takes some understanding… I know TIME is speeding litterally as we lose several seconds a year etc. but a whole 24hrs πŸ™‚


    • The funny thing is that the part of this island chain called American Samoa isn’t making this change. The net result is that it will take more than a day for people to travel from American Samoa to one of the other islands, while those going from one of them to American Samoa will actually gain more than a day in the process! 😯


  4. Okay now, after listening to all 3 videos, then watching the video with Dr Charles Liu and “MY FAVORITE” Quantum Physicist Dr Michio Kaku not once, not twice but yes 3 times. I had to listen very closely, because I wanted to understand this. To find out that traveling backwards through time “simply MATHEMATICALLY don’t work” ????!!!!!? I was disappointed to say the least. 😦
    I mean I was reminded of Lois Lane dying again…hard to see Superman suffer like that.
    On the bright side…Samoa is left… ahead LOL
    Wonderful post πŸ˜€


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