Looking For Something…

For someone like me, who wants nothing more than to live in a world where beauty and reason are synonymous, the reality of having so much that is beyond my control just leaves me longing. Longing for something…

The Serenity Prayer

The God reference notwithstanding, I find there is genuine wisdom in that prayer. And I can even relate to those who seek inspiration from the heavens, considering the mixed and confusing messages we so often get here on Earth…

Images via Damaged & Dangerous on Tumblr

Images via Crannies in my brain on Tumblr

All of which leaves me, still, looking for something I can hold onto…

Allie Moss – Something To Hold Onto

You give me something to hold on to
I hear your voice and it quiets my mind
Every beautiful melody
Every perfect, piercing line
You give me something to hold on to

You are a vessel of light to me tonight
And while I wrestle with demons and appetites
I cling to you

You give me something to hold on to
You tell the stories I need you to tell
Something in the way you sing
Pulls me out of my lonely hell
You give me something to hold on to
Sing to me

Sing to me, sing to me
Your melancholy songs
Sing to me, sing to me
And I will hold on

The official Allie Moss website

Self-censorship is one thing. After all, not all thoughts are worth voicing. But self-censorship out of fear? Well that’s a whole different thing…

I want ice water.

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19 thoughts on “Looking For Something…

  1. Excellent Post IzaakMak….Anything that brings more awareness to help heal the female energies gets my heartfelt thumbs up…

    How are you doing my friend πŸ™‚ Sending you a Cosmic Hug πŸ™‚


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