A Quick Update

Well, the election is over my friends, and, between the choices available, the best of the two won. Of course, if the 24/7 news cycle is any indication, the results haven’t quieted that “eternal sea” thing one little bit. Sigh…

As for my efforts to “upgrade” the look and feel of my blog, while I’ve made some headway, the quest, for a new theme in particular, continues. There are just too many choices, and WordPress’ “try it out first” feature is all but useless when it comes to seeing what the true results the change will be. Double sigh…

Anyway, it’s been too long since I actually posted something and I do want to see if the changes I’ve made so far have made doing so the “less painful” experience I hoped for. With that in mind, I’ve selected a few items to reflect my mood today…

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Well what do you know, swapping those cats and tags really did make that easier! 😀

I want ice water.

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14 thoughts on “A Quick Update

  1. Ah, the hunt for the “right” theme. Sympathy from someone who has done it far too often. There’s always something … to not like, to spoil the otherwise perfect theme. So the hunt goes on. A test blog is a big help, a good way to get beyond the limitations of the simple WordPress preview. The only limitation I’ve found with a test blog is I can’t test my CSS changes on it unless and until I cough up the money for a CSS upgrade for it. Not willing to do that.


    • You are so right PT. Just about every theme I’ve liked so far has been a premium theme, and just about every implementation of a free theme I’ve liked has had CSS modifications. The test blog is very helpful, but there are so many things that weren’t imported correctly that it’s still hard to see how all features will display in the new theme. Ugh! 🙄


      • I pay for the CSS and No Ads upgrades; I don’t even look at the premium themes. I already pay too much for this “hobby,” considering I also have to pay cable bills and keep the computer happy and functioning at a reasonable level, etc.


        • I hear ya PT. I’m afraid I’ve lost a lot of the enthusiasm I once had when it can to playing around with all the look and feel possibilities. Committing financial resources I don’t have is simply out of the question.


  2. So far I like it… “Impotent Tools” shows ‘Not Found’ — I like that, but can’t figure out if you did it on purpose or not…


    • Oh dear, although that is funny, I’m afraid it was entirely unintentional. The “Read Me” page that graphic is linked to has been taken down until I update it. Sorry! 😳


  3. i know what you mean on the true look of the theme as opposed to the live preview look. i’m coveting the theme called ‘pretty young thing’ i have been for months but i can’t see spending $75. for a them when i change the themes up so often.


  4. Yes I am pleased that a winner has been chosen also
    as it has been non stop coverage here in the UK but I
    think the best man won 🙂

    Have a great afternoon Mak



  5. I think I heard about Free Speech in about the third grade. Silly me, it turns out that both the speech and the listening cost money! I am no authority at all on what a site should look like, but I am sure that you will get there even if it envolves sow’s ears and silk purses. Phillip


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