A Theme Song For This Blog?

As I was preparing a brunch of homemade sausage gravy & biscuits after publishing my West Virginia post, I was struck once again by the sheer enormity of the task I have committed to with this blog. All during my meal preparation, I had this strange and continuous dialogue running in my head where I was being questioned as to how it was that a poor country boy like myself could dare to think that he could offer up anything useful for the efforts to solve the world’s problems.

By the time I actually sat down to eat my brunch, the dialogue had been replaced by a series of images representing efforts to accomplish the impossible. You know, images like Icarus flying too close to the sun with wax wings, or the fool pushing the rock up the hill with his nose.

Anyway, after an increasingly humorous series of these images passed through my mind, I ended up with Jim Croce’s “You Don’t Mess Around With Jim” playing over and over and over… Get the picture? So I decided that the only way to make it stop was to put it to bed with another post. The following videos represent the best of what I found on YouTube.

This first one is really cute, with the little toddler (apparently) contending with monumental problems with walking and sibling rivalry.

This second one is even better! – it includes lyrics!and cats!

Oh wow, I almost forgot!

Yay Buckeyes!

Kings and Queens of Big Ten Basketball!

I want ice water.

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2 thoughts on “A Theme Song For This Blog?

  1. I always wondered about that song.

    It seemed to me that Slim just wanted another pool match with Jim – you know, a chance to win his money back playing pool. But then, all of a sudden, the whole thing just escalates into violence, and the next thing you know Jim is dead.

    Now, I’m not saying that Jim didn’t have it coming. He sounded like a total dick. But what about the pool game? Just because you lose your money playing pool doesn’t give you the right to show back up later with a gun and a knife and kill someone so you can get your money back.

    There’s no way I’d play pool with Slim. What a prick! I hope no one ever plays pool with him again. The lesson here really is “Don’t play pool with Slim because if you lose he’ll come back and wait for you and shot you and stab you to get his money back.”


    • Wow! That’s an interpretation I never perceived! I hope that Jim Croce meant to use good humor to portray the efforts, of a poor guy who’d been hustled, to redeem his belief that the good guy can win in the end after all. At least that’s my intent in this post. 😐


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