The Season Finales of Bones and The Following

I got a chance to watch a rerun of The Crack in the Code the other day, the episode of Bones that first introduced us to the Christopher Pelant character that helped inspire my Who’s The Scariest Of Them All? post. While watching that rerun, it occurred to me that I’d never gotten around to posting the awesome song that episode ended with:

The Twilight Singers

I love both the episode and the song, and I couldn’t help wondering when Mr. Pelant might make a return visit to the show. Well guess what my friends? He’s coming back tonight, in the Bones season finale called “The Secret in the Siege”:

And, not to be outdone in the mind-blowing psycho-thriller department, Joe Carroll and Friends will attempt to top Christopher’s mayhem in tonight’s season-ending “The Final Chapter” episode of The Following:

And I’ll bet that both shows include some damned good music too! You have been warned my friends…
Trust me, with 2 DVRs set to record them, I don’t plan to miss a single moment!

I want ice water.

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5 thoughts on “The Season Finales of Bones and The Following

  1. I inevitably end up watching Bones during dinner. Not a good combination. But at least tonight I’ll get to see this guy you’ve been talking about.

    My big finale was last night. “The Good Wife.” No DVR here, so I snarled at my son when he inadvertently called in the middle. But he understands. Said he was even prepared for it, knowing that lots of finales are on these days.


    • I hope it doesn’t disappoint, but the Bones finale does look great from the preview. The Good Wife is a really good show. Too bad in conflicts with other programming…


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