Defending The Middle Class?

… Forward he cried, from the rear, and the front rank died …

… Listen son, said the man with the gun. There’s room for you inside …

~ Pink Floyd – “Us and Them” (With Lyrics)

Whether it’s the “liberals” saying that they want to protect the middle class from those evil right-wingers who want to increase the burden on their shoulders so they can lower the taxes on their rich benefactors, or the “conservatives” saying they want to protect the middle class from those evil left-wingers who want to raise their taxes in order to take care of those who refuse to take care of themselves, I think the real message those in the middle class should be getting is this:

“You Are Merely Cannon Fodder, To Be Casually Sacrificed In
The Class Warfare We Perpetuate To Maintain The Status Quo!”

“I’m sorry sir, but which side of your
mouth are we supposed to listen to again?”

~ Unidentified Mad Blogger

BTW, I’ve never actually seen Reservoir Dogs. I found that video while searching for an alternative to the one I used in my Stuck In The Middle With You post. The weird thing is that the visuals fit my current mood so well that I’m thinking I really have to check that movie out now! 👿

I want ice water.

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13 thoughts on “Defending The Middle Class?

  1. Obama, to the best of my knowledge, has never said the word “Poor” in his whole tenure. Call him up and tell him off. 202-456-1111; you will feel better. Of coarse you might get a tax audit! Well; no guts no glory!


  2. Don’t watch that movie. It’s violent.

    Seriously… it’s filled with casual torture. You know, I’ve found the problem with buying individual Floyd songs is that they frequently get cut off. Particularly in The Wall where one song tends to run into another. I’m really happier listening to the album, but I downloaded individual songs for my car, and I’m always running into a hard stop on the songs.


    • Thanks for the warning about the movie Dood. Fortunately, the inner rage that attracted me to that clip (and inspired this post) has passed. 😳

      As for the music of Pink Floyd, I couldn’t agree with you more. I think of their albums the way some people think of operas. No opera enthusiast would dream of “dropping by the theater” just to hear one song. While I wouldn’t dream of posting an entire album in the short attention span world of blogging, it’s listen to the whole thing (as it was recorded) or nothing for me when it comes to Pink Floyd’s albums! 😀


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